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The Judicial Division (JD) is the ABA's home to judges, lawyers, tribal members, court administrators, academics and students interested in the courts and the justice system.

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Arabella Babb Mansfield: America's First Woman Lawyer

Judge Emily Chafa tells the story of Arabella Babb Mansfield's education and decision to practice law.

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Advice to judges: Get to know reporters who cover you

To improve media coverage of courts, judges should talk to the reporters who cover them and explain what they do. That was the recommendation of four experts --- two former judges, a journalist and a media professor.

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2019-2020 Committee Enrollment Open

Get involved in the Judicial Division through our committees! Terms begin on September 1st, and end on August 31st. There is no fee to join a committee. You must be a current member of the a JD conference to enroll.

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Our Committees

Our Committees

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The committees of the Judicial Division contribute and assist the initiatives and work of the Division, including opportunities to work on policy proposals, be published or speak at programs.

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$500 Judicial Scholarships

Judge members in the Judicial Division are eligible for a $500 judicial scholarship to any in-person course at the National Judicial College.

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Our Periodicals

The Judges' Journal: Judges and the Media

The quickly evolving world of media has left some judges struggling to adapt. Judge Epps and other authors in this issue of The Judges’ Journal warn about the pitfalls of judges interacting poorly with the media, but they also suggest that avoidance is not the answer. Effectively interacting with the media can allow transparency and help maintain the public’s confidence in the judiciary.


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Judicial Division Record

The Division's quarterly digital newsletter is your source for JD and Conference related activities, projects, products, and upcoming meetings and programs.

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Support the Judiciary

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