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The Judicial Division (JD) is the ABA's home to judges, lawyers, tribal members, court administrators, academics and students interested in the courts and the justice system.

Judicial Division Midyear Guide

The JD's Guide to Midyear provides up-to-date information on Division meetings, events, and programming at the ABA's Midyear Meeting. Midyear will take place in Austin, TX, February 12-16, 2020.

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Online Reporting Form for National Judicial Outreach Week

Planning an outreach during National Judicial Outreach Week, March 1-10. Report your program now.


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Our Periodicals

The Judges' Journal: Judicial Outreach

As teachers of the law, judges also must continue to be students of the law and recognized in their communities as public servants. Authors in this issue of The Judges’ Journal share how judicial outreach allows them to impart the importance of fairness and uphold the independence of the judiciary.


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Judicial Division Record

The Division's quarterly digital newsletter is your source for JD and Conference related activities, projects, products, and upcoming meetings and programs.

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Our Committees

Our Committees

Share your expertise and enhance your career

The committees of the Judicial Division contribute and assist the initiatives and work of the Division, including opportunities to work on policy proposals, be published or speak at programs.

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$500 Judicial Scholarships

Judge members in the Judicial Division are eligible for a $500 judicial scholarship to any in-person course at the National Judicial College.

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Support the Judiciary

Support the Judiciary

Give the Gift of Justice

Donating to the Judicial Division demonstrates your commitment to the improvement of the justice system. We serve as the judicial voice of the ABA and your tax-deductible contribution supports policies, programming and projects affecting the judiciary on a national level. Please consider the Judicial Division for online donations, gifts, or planned giving. Please check the drop-down menu for specific conferences, or support the work of the Division.

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Contact the Judicial Division at 800.238.2667 x 5687.