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August 18, 2021 Legal Rebels

This online platform aims to help pro se litigants with complex civil cases

By Lyle Moran

Sonja Ebron and her wife, Debra Slone, saw firsthand how difficult it can be to represent yourself in civil cases through experiences they had being sued and suing others.

Ebron says the couple’s legal battles spanning several different practice areas ultimately prompted them to develop a platform called Courtroom5, an online toolbox that helps self-represented litigants handle their cases from start to finish.

Unlike many other technological tools for pro se litigants, Ebron says Courtroom5 is particularly well suited to help people with complex civil matters and can be utilized by consumers nationwide.

“Our goal is to simplify the process as much as possible for people who first of all really don’t want to be in court and secondly don’t have the legal background,” she says.

The company, which is based in Durham, North Carolina, is also working to add a feature to help users connect with lawyers for a la carte services.

In this new episode of the Legal Rebels Podcast, Ebron discusses the buildup to the launch of Courtoom5 in 2017 and breaks down the different ways the platform can assist users.

In This Podcast

Sonja Ebron 

Sonja Ebron is the co-founder and CEO of Courtroom5, an automated legal toolbox that helps people represent themselves in civil litigation. Ebron, who has a PhD in electrical engineering, created Courtroom5 with her wife, Debra Slone, following their personal experiences representing themselves in the civil court arena.