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June 27, 2022 Asked and Answered

Think you won't pass the July bar exam? So did many others, but they did, say lawyers

By Stephanie Francis Ward

If you are studying for the July bar exam, you’re not going to memorize every flashcard for the Multistate Bar Examination, and that’s OK. You can still pass, says Michael Anspach, who founded the Organization for Student Wellbeing as a student at the Marquette University Law School and passed the Ohio bar on his first attempt in 2018.

Kimberly Wolenberg, the managing director of bar review engagement for the Helix Bar Review at the AccessLex Institute, agrees. According to her, everyone worries that they are not studying enough during bar prep. To ease that anxiety, she advises consulting with law school academic support centers and bar prep providers for solid assessments of what test-takers are prepared for and where they need more work.

Also, Anspach and Wolenberg say even if candidates haven’t done as much studying as they should by the end June, it’s not too late. Candidates can catch up in July with consistent, dedicated study, they say.

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In This Podcast

Michael Anspach

Michael Anspach is a litigator at Anspach Law in Ohio. He’s also on the board of trustees for the Zepf Center, a Toledo, Ohio-based nonprofit that provides services to people with severe and persistent mental illnesses.

Kimberly Wolenberg

Kimberly Wolenberg has spent almost 20 years helping students with bar exam success. She currently is a managing director for the Helix Bar Review at the AccessLex Institute.

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