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March 29, 2021 Asked and Answered

The pandemic has not slowed down Howard Bashman of How Appealing

By Stephanie Francis Ward

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused there to be fewer court filings in some jurisdictions, Howard Bashman’s blog, How Appealing, continues to share multiple posts on a daily basis about appellate law and legal news.

The Pennsylvania appellate lawyer started the website in 2002, and its popularity has outlived that of many other law-related blogs, perhaps because his writing centers on court opinions and legal news, rather than self-promotion and personal opinions.

As part of a special Asked and Answered podcast series that looks at how lawyers’ lives have changed during the novel coronavirus pandemic, Bashman tells ABA Journal Senior Writer Stephanie Francis Ward that from mid-March to mid-May, appellate work in the Pennsylvania state court basically stopped. It’s picked back up, he adds. But for the most part, the work centers on pretrial motions.

In This Podcast

Howard Bashman

Howard Bashman, an appellate lawyer, frequently works on cases in the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals at Philadelphia and Pennsylvania’s state appellate courts. He also founded and writes daily at How Appealing, a legal blog.

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