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April 26, 2021 Asked and Answered

The pandemic brought this lawyer to legal commentary, and the work includes sponsorship deals

By Stephanie Francis Ward

Emily D. Baker wanted a diversion from 2020, so she started doing her own legal commentary about pop culture, with topics including a pair of "Satan Shoes" associated with rapper Lil Nas X and the conservatorship of Britney Spears.

Today, Baker is considered to be an influencer, with over 95,000 YouTube subscribers, more than 20,000 Instagram followers and over 17,000 Twitter followers. According to her, she earns more than she did as a Los Angeles County deputy district attorney.

The money comes from sponsorships and advertising, and she also does consulting work with lawyers to help them share clients’ stories in a way that people will notice online.

According to her, if you try to tell the whole story, your audience will tune out, or you might not get their attention in the first place. Also, she thinks the YouTube platform is a great place to teach people how the law works, and she makes it relatable by explaining terms such as “spoliation of evidence” through pop culture examples.

And she says it’s become more common for lawsuits to be discussed on social media. According to her, savvy lawyers write complaints with an eye for what will do well in court and online.

In This Podcast

Emily D. Baker

A former Los Angeles County deputy district attorney who later represented small online businesses, Emily D. Baker now bills herself as “Your Favorite Badass Lawyer” who does legal commentary on YouTube and hosts a podcast, The Emily Show.

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