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August 23, 2023 Modern Law Library

Summer reading and back-to-law-school tips

By Lee Rawles

It's time for The Modern Law Library's summer recommendations episode, in which host Lee Rawles shares her pop culture picks with you, plus a re-airing of one of our older episodes with current relevance.

This year, that episode is our 2018 interview with Kathryne M. Young about How to Be Sort of Happy in Law School. Young used her background in sociology to gather data from students, alumni, faculty and law school dropouts on their experiences during and after law school.

Based on her findings—and her experiences as a law student and a professor—she offers advice on protecting your mental health, choosing courses and activities to pursue, managing the practical aspects of your household and budget, and forming relationships with mentors and peers. She also discusses how to decide when and whether it’s time to leave law school altogether.

Rawles also shares some favorites from what she’s been reading, watching and listening to since our 2022 year-end pop culture picks episode.