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August 10, 2022 Modern Law Library

Summer pop culture picks and what else we lost when Roe was overturned

By Lee Rawles

It's time for the Modern Law Library's summer recommendations episode, in which host Lee Rawles shares her pop culture picks with you, plus a re-airing of one of our older episodes that has become relevant again.

In this case, it’s a 2018 conversation with Mary Ziegler about her book Beyond Abortion: Roe v. Wade and the Battle for Privacy. Ziegler shares information about other areas of the law in which Roe was used as precedent beyond reproductive rights.

From Rawles: “Compiling these lists always feels very strange and revealing because it makes me go back over the past six months of my life and see what I’ve spent my free time consuming. And I don’t know about you, but since the pandemic started, I’ve had a hard time sitting down and reading for fun like I used to. I’m not reaching for great works of literature; I’m going to comfort reads or delving deeper into my hyper-specific interests. But we’re all friends here, so I will share what I’ve been reading, watching and listening to.”

If you have your own favorite books, shows or podcasts so far in 2022, send your recommendations to [email protected] with a brief description, and we may choose to highlight them on our social media.


  • Medicus series by Ruth Downie
  • Sparks & Bainbridge mysteries by Allison Montclair
  • An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good and An Elderly Lady Must Not Be Crossed by Helene Tursten
  • Dial A for Aunties and Four Aunties and a Wedding by Jesse Q. Sutanto
  • Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking (memoir) and Please to the Table (cookbook) by Anya Von Bremzen
  • How to Keep House While Drowning: A Gentle Approach to Cleaning and Organizing by KC Davis
  • Denali’s Howl: The Deadliest Climbing Disaster on America’s Wildest Peak by Andy Hall
  • New Handbook for a Post-Roe America: The Complete Guide to Abortion Legality, Access, and Practical Support by Robin Marty


  • Everything Everywhere All At Once
  • RRR


  • Brown History Podcast
  • Dish
  • Get Out Alive
  • The Icebox With Isaac K. Lee: The Book of Lasso
  • Maintenance Phase


  • Only Murders in the Building, Hulu
  • Rutherford Falls, Peacock
  • Ms. Marvel, Disney+