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August 25, 2021 Modern Law Library

How LinkedIn can help lawyers develop and market their brands

By Lee Rawles

How do you use LinkedIn? Do you see it as a static resumé, or is it the equivalent of your morning newspaper? For Marc W. Halpert, LinkedIn is the most effective way lawyers and other professionals can build their brand, display expertise in niche markets, and nurture business relationships.

Halpert was so convinced of this that in 2017, he wrote a book on LinkedIn marketing techniques. Enough has changed in the swiftly moving internet landscape that he is now releasing a new edition of the book, LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices, Second Edition.

Do you feel awkward sharing your thoughts on LinkedIn? Finding own your voice and using it authentically is extremely important, Halpert says. As a LinkedIn consultant for professionals, he coaches people on to use LinkedIn to demonstrate your worth to clients, colleagues—and recruiters.

In this episode of the Modern Law Library podcast, Halpert shares what’s changed in the past four years, how the COVID-19 pandemic has made online networking more important than ever, and the most common missteps he has seen lawyers make on LinkedIn. He discusses how he works LinkedIn into his day and when to say no to someone who wants to connect with you. He also warns about ethical pitfalls to steer clear of and common faux pas people should avoid.

In This Podcast

Marc W. Halpert

Marc W. Halpert is a self-described “multi-preneur.” In 2010, he started his third concurrent company, Connect2collaborate, to spread his LinkedIn and networking evangelism to train and coach others and offer professionals the opportunity to better explain their brand and positioning on their LinkedIn profile pages: why they do what they do vs. the competition. As a personal LinkedIn coach, he advises and mentors professionals in all walks of life to renovate their LinkedIn personal and company profiles. His book LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Law and Professional Practices, Second Edition helps all types of professionals learn to better market themselves using the tools in LinkedIn. He is also the author of You, Us, Them: LinkedIn Marketing Concepts for Nonprofit Professionals Who Really Want to Make a Difference.

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