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December 23, 2020 Modern Law Library

Check out our favorite reads from 2020

By Lee Rawles

As a tumultuous year draws to a close, we gathered together ABA Journal editors and reporters to discuss what the past year has been like for them as readers. With the stress of the pandemic and national elections, how had their reading habits changed? Were they concentrating on current events or comfort reads? With our offices operating remotely, did they have more time for reading?

Modern Law Library host Lee Rawles spoke to Victor Li, assistant managing editor, and staff writers Lyle Moran, Amanda Robert and Stephanie Francis Ward to find out which books (and podcasts) helped them make it through 2020—and what listeners could be adding to their own 2021 reading lists.

Did you have a favorite book in 2020? Tell us about it at [email protected].

In This Podcast

Lee Rawles

Lee Rawles is an assistant managing editor for the web at the ABA Journal. She is the host of the Modern Law Library podcast.

Victor Li

Victor Li is an assistant managing editor at the Journal. He manages the magazine’s Business of Law section.

Stephanie Francis Ward

Stephanie Francis Ward is a senior writer at the Journal. She hosts the Asked and Answered podcast.

Amanda Robert

Amanda Robert is a legal affairs writer at the Journal. Photo by Callie Lipkin.

Lyle Moran

Lyle Moran is a legal affairs writer at the Journal. He hosts the Legal Rebels Podcast.