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January 08, 2020 The Modern Law Library

How to kick off 2020 with more productive business meetings

By Olivia Aguilar

When considering our New Year’s resolutions, we all want to be more resourceful with our time, especially with our workdays. We don’t realize how much time meetings can take up if they are conducted in an inefficient manner.

Author and lawyer Donald Tortorice has offered a solution with his new book, The Modern Rules of Order. The fifth edition, published by ABA Publishing, shares a modern and streamlined approach to business meetings that promotes efficiency, decorum and fairness in all settings. It is a compact guide that outlines procedures for both major corporation and small nonprofit business meetings.

Simpler and more effective than Robert’s Rules of Order, Tortorice’s book focuses on promoting timely consideration of the substance of the meeting, rather than ritualistic procedure.

In this new episode of the Modern Law Library, Olivia Aguilar of ABA Publishing speaks with Tortorice about how readers can establish a more efficient meeting procedure and what a typical meeting agenda should look like. He also shares some advice for chairs who oversee meetings.

Podcast listeners can purchase The Modern Rules of Order through the ABA web store.

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In This Podcast:

Olivia Aguilar
Donald Tortorice is a retired partner at the international law firm Duane Morris and most recently an adjunct law professor at the William & Mary Law School. He was a drafting member of the task force to revise Pennsylvania’s corporation and business laws, and he was a member of the boards of directors of a number of private business corporations and nonprofit organizations.