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May 20, 2019 Asked and Answered

How can Americans get the civic literacy they need for a functioning democracy?

By Amanda Robert

Do nearly 25% of Americans really think Ruth Bader Ginsburg is chief justice? And if so, what can the American Bar Association do to help Americans with their civic literacy?

ABA President Bob Carlson addresses gaps in public knowledge of history and government uncovered by the first ABA Survey of Civic Literacy 2019 in this special episode of Asked and Answered, hosted by ABA Journal Legal Affairs Writer Amanda Robert.

Improving the public’s understanding of the rule of law and the legal process is one of the four goals of the association. But this is the first time the organization has conducted this kind of detailed and comprehensive survey.

Carlson highlights the survey’s most surprising findings, and discusses the ABA’s plans for the data and ideas for how Americans can improve their civic knowledge in the future.

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In This Podcast:

Amanda Robert
Bob Carlson, a shareholder with the Butte, Montana, law firm Corette Black Carlson & Mickelson, is president of the American Bar Association.

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