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August 03, 2017 The Modern Law Library

First Amendment defender Floyd Abrams warns of threats to free speech in ‘fake news’ era

By Lee Rawles

The rights to free speech and freedom of the press were guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. But when it was first passed—and for its first hundred or so years—the First Amendment was not the robust defense we think of today.

Legendary civil rights attorney Floyd Abrams joins the ABA Journal’s Lee Rawles to discuss his book The Soul of the First Amendment in this episode of the Modern Law Library.

Abrams shares how First Amendment jurisprudence changed over time, and what dangers he sees ahead for free speech in the era of fake news and a presidential administration that is hostile to the press.

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In This Podcast:

Lee Rawles
Floyd Abrams is senior counsel at Cahill Gordon & Reindel. Abrams has a national trial and appellate practice and extensive experience in high-visibility matters, often involving First Amendment, securities litigation, intellectual property, public policy and regulatory issues. He has argued frequently in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, most recently on behalf of Sen. Mitch McConnell as amicus curiae in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.