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April 06, 2017 Legal Rebels

What have previous Legal Rebels been up to? We talked to 8 of them to find out

We love featuring innovators in our annual Legal Rebels issues, but these creative legal minds don’t stop churning after they earn their titles. ABA Journal editor and publisher Molly McDonough sat down with eight of our Legal Rebels and Legal Rebels Trailblazer alums at the ABA Techshow in March to find out what new and exciting ventures they’ve embarked upon.

Shantelle Argyle and Daniel Spencer of Open Legal Services

Argyle and Spencer, profiled as Legal Rebels in 2015, founded Open Legal Services in Salt Lake City in 2014. Even though the two didn’t initially plan to launch a not-for-profit law firm straight out of law school, they’ve since become evangelists for the model. They talk here about the not-for-profit model they embraced and the growth of their firm.

Nicole Black of MyCase

Black was in the Journal’s first Rebels class in 2009. Just like then, when she was designated the “Boss of Blogs,” she continues to be a prolific blogger and Twitter user. She talks about blogging today and her gig at MyCase, which offers practice-management services to lawyers.

Sarah Glassmeyer of the ABA’s Center for Innovation

Glassmeyer, a trained law librarian and free law enthusiast, was named a Legal Rebel in 2016. She talks here about her relatively new job at the ABA’s Center for Innovation and the melding of her interests there. She gives a preview of what’s to come from the center.

Sam Glover of Lawyerist

Glover was named a Legal Rebels Trailblazer in February 2017. Here he talks about a new venture at Lawyerist: TBD Law, a unique conference collaboration with ‘09 Legal Rebel Matt Homann of Filament in St. Louis.

Kevin O’Keefe of Lexblog and Ed Walters of Fastcase

Walters, a one-time BigLaw associate and co-founder of the legal-research service Fastcase, was named a Legal Rebels Trailblazer in October 2016. O’Keefe was in the Journal’s inaugural Rebels class in 2009. The two talk here about their new integration of Fastcase and Lexblog, enabling bloggers on the Lexblog platform to link directly to case law they’re analyzing in their blog posts.

Stacy Stern of Justia

Legal Rebel Stacy Stern is president of the vast legal portal Justia. Stern, one of the co-founders of FindLaw, was named a Legal Rebels Trailblazer in early 2017. She talks here about the expansion of Justia, which champions free law for all in the United States and Mexico.