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September 07, 2010 ABA Journal Podcast

Should Lawyers Fresh Out of Law School Start a Solo Practice?

By Stephanie Francis Ward

Faced with the problem of having no job, some young lawyers are striking out on their own as solos. 

In this month’s audio program, ABA Journal Podcast moderator Stephanie Francis Ward talks to our guests about the hurdles and rewards for young lawyers starting their own law practices.

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In This Podcast:

Stephanie Francis Ward
Kevin Houchin practices in Fort Collins, Colo., with his law firm Houchin & Associates. A former graphic artist, Houchin also works with lawyers on marketing and career coaching. That aspect of his work can be found at the Space Between Center for Creative Spirit in Business.

Lucian Pera is a partner with Adams and Reese. The Memphis, Tenn., litigator is also the president of Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers.

Christopher Small, a sole practitioner, has a Seattle criminal defense practice, and often handles DUI cases. He opened the practice in 2009, and is the author of the blog How to Start a Law Firm.