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July 02, 2010 ABA Journal Podcast

Dems, GOP Bring in Military Officers to Discuss Kagan’s Harvard Policies

By Richard Brust

Yesterday afternoon, in the tradition of U.S Supreme Court confirmation hearings, witnesses came in to testify regarding Elena Kagan’s nomination. Among others, Democrats brought in thepresident of the Harvard Law Armed Forces Association; and Republicans brought in two retired officers and an Army National Guard captain to testify about Kagan’s military recruiting policies while dean of Harvard Law School.

To hear about these and other key witnesses from Thursday, Richard Brust, the ABA Journal’s U.S. Supreme Court editor, debriefs reporter Mark Walsh, who is covering the confirmation hearing for the Journal. Walsh is calling in from one of the Senate’s old-fashioned phone booths.

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In This Podcast:

Richard Brust
Richard Brust is the assistant managing editor who oversees the ABA Journal’s monthly Supreme Court Report and orchestrates the magazine’s U.S. Supreme Court coverage. Before joining The Lawyer’s Magazine, Rich worked as an editor at publications including the Legal Intelligencer, National Law Journal, and Morning Call. He holds a J.D. from Temple University School of Law.

Mark Walsh is a freelance writer for the ABA Journal, covering the U.S. Supreme Court. He also writes for Education Week and has appeared as a commentator for C-SPAN, Court TV, Fox News, National Public Radio and BBC Radio.