Law Programs for Middle School and High School Students

Programs in DC

Passport to Work Youth Employment Services Program
The D.C. Courts participate in the D.C. Passport to Work Youth Employment Services Program, where D.C. high school students have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in our organization, and the D.C. Government pays them for their service to the community. Students also participate in a series of seminars on topics ranging from effective communication skills to time management. The Courts strive to expose students to a professional work environment, while giving them the tools they need to be successful. Please contact DC Department of Employment Services, Office of Youth Programs: (202-698-3492) or on line at for details on how to qualify to participate in this program

National Youth Leadership Forum: Law & CSI
At the National Youth Leadership Forum: Law & CSI, you will experience the full range of professions that exist in legal and forensic science fields and explore your opportunities for the future. This six-day summer program is held in Washington, DC.
NYLF Law & CSI may be the single most valuable opportunity you receive as a high school student. Through hands-on experiences in crime scene investigation, evidence analysis and courtroom simulations, you will go beyond the classroom and gain the edge you need for college and a future career in law or crime scene investigation

National Student Leadership Conference
At the National Student Leadership Conference’s high school summer law program, the courtroom becomes your classroom as you assume the role of trial attorney and battle for justice.
Program Highlights:

  • Criminal trial simulation: You and your team will master courtroom techniques as you try a challenging case – from preparing and examining witnesses to crafting and delivering a closing statement.
  • Law school visit: Learn what law school is like from admissions officers and current students.
  • Guest speakers: Meet with leading trial, jury, forensic and legal experts from the top law firms, the Department of Justice and the court system.

Summer At Georgetown
This 8-day Institute will address issues in International Law and will explore the complex globalization of international legal proceedings. This program will help students to understand international foreign relations through exploring the legal frameworks of competing foreign state roles and foreign governments. Through this Institute, students will begin to develop an understanding for how international law is shaped through examining the intersection of international politics and the international legal system.

DC Bar Youth Law Fair
Sexting. Bullying. Drugs. Alcohol. Each year the Youth Law Fair tackles the most current issues of the day while providing hands-on experience with various aspects of the law to Washington, D.C.-area high school students. Inside the courtrooms, students will be guided by volunteer attorneys as they present fictionalized cases during mock trials, acting as defense attorneys, prosecutors, jurors, judges, or witnesses. D.C. Superior Court judges will also be on hand to lead courtroom and holding cell tours, as well as offer an inside look at the judicial system and established laws in the community.

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