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Upholding the Rule of Law in Times of Armed Conflict:Acting in the Present, Preparing for the Future

Julie Goffin, Caroline Buisman, Clara Gerard-Rodriguez, Avinder Singh, and Pawel Wilinski

Over the past years, armed conflicts and violence worldwide have increased, creating extensive humanitarian emergencies and straining regional and global responses to worsening security situations. In most cases, serious violations of international law are reportedly committed. As Russia’s war on Ukraine has demonstrated, effectively addressing both State and individual criminal responsibility in such cases requires a deep understanding of the complex international law issues, including mechanisms for accountability. Panelists will discuss how the rule of law is an essential pillar and necessary to prevent, repress, and redress serious violations of human rights law and grave breaches of international law, including war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and the crime of aggression, all with the goal of ensuring peace and security.

Hosted by 2023 Rule of Law Webathon partner the International Association of Lawyers.