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Surveillance Spyware Technologies Raise Alarm Bells

Jacqueline R. Scott, Grant Davis-Denny, Siena Anstis, Antoine Bernard, Ian De Freitas, and Sofia Jaramillo Otoya

Surveillance spyware technologies are gaining popularity around the world to support countering terrorism and crime. Yet, surveillance spyware is raising alarm bells due to the misuse and abuse of these technologies. Abusive and illegitimate surveillance by governments has been used to target journalists, human rights defenders, lawyers, and politicians. Our panel of legal professionals and experts will discuss the emergent legal challenges and will offer their perspectives on future directions to help ensure that these technologies are used in a manner consistent with their intended purpose, while upholding human rights, accountability, transparency, and the rule of law.

Hosted by 2023 Rule of Law Webathon partner the International Association of Lawyers.