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So, You Want to be an Expat Lawyer? How to Get Admitted to the U.S. Bar: Practical Guidance from Those Who Have Done It

Diane Penneys Edelman, George S Kounoupis, Joshua Dafydd Xerri, Claire Flores, and Nadia Moynihan

Embarking on a career as an expat lawyer in the United States offers a myriad of opportunities and challenges. For those aspiring to navigate the complexities of practicing law across borders, the journey to admission to the U.S. Bar can seem daunting. However, with the right guidance and insights from our panellists who have successfully traversed this path, the process becomes clearer and more manageable. This panel shares practical advice and firsthand experiences to aid aspiring expat lawyers in achieving their goal of gaining admission to the U.S. Bar. From understanding the necessary qualifications and requirements to navigating the application process and overcoming potential hurdles, this session equips you with the knowledge and confidence needed to embark on this rewarding professional journey.