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The Russian Invasion of Ukraine - Status Update

Jack Devine, Jonathan Michael Meyer, Milton Bearden, Jonathan Ward, and Rachel Elizabeth VanLandingham

From the fall of Afghanistan, to the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, authoritarianism is again raising its ugly head. How effective are military alliances such as NATO in countering such threats? What are the International legal/military implications of countering same?

What is the role of intelligence in Putin’s war and what impact will this war have on Putin’s durability? What are the ramifications of this war on worldwide alliances, and likely shifts in these relationships?

What is China’s path forward, and its impact on U.S. policy? What is the likely outcome of the war and what will Russia and Ukraine look like at the cessation of the fighting?

Come listen to the experts as they both analyze and address these and other pressing questions including the status of export controls and economic sanctions being employed to counter same.