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Navigating the Shifting Sands of Free Trade in Cross-Border Supply Chain Compliance

Susana May Yon Lee, Christopher T Timura, Minah Cho, Jungeun Lee, SUN YUL LEE, and Sang Soo Son

Businesses with global operations face increasing compliance burdens as many nations qualify their commitment to “free trade” in pursuit of evolving foreign policy and other objectives.  The increasingly innovative and far-reaching U.S. export/import controls and sanctions keep legal and compliance professionals up at night and moves by the United States to delink or reroute certain supply chains from China, including through rules targeting semiconductor and advanced technology exports, place unique pressures on Korean firms with global supply chains.  Through a moderated discussion, in-house and external compliance lawyers will explore these regulatory developments with practical tips on how to navigate the shifting sands of upstream and downstream trade compliance obligations. 

This panel was presented at the Fall 2023 Asia/Pacific Conference on “Law and Technology in a Changing World” in Seoul, South Korea.