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Listing an Indian Company in GIFT City: Is it a First Step for Listing in the US?

Pratibha Jain, Vaibhav Parikh Sr., Dipesh Shah, Neeraj Kulshreshta, and Shweta Rajpal Kohli

The Indian government recently announced intention to let Indian companies list outside India. In this webinar, we discuss the status of businesses listing inside and outside of India. As a first step, the Indian government is permitting Indian companies to list in GIFT city, an International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) within Indian territory but is non-Indian territory from economic laws perspective. This creates opportunities for US investors interested in investing in Indian Companies. We will discuss the advantages of GIFT city and of listing companies in GIFT city. We will also discuss what listing in GIFT city means for US investors and whether it is first step towards permitting Indian companies to list in US stock exchanges.