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Latin America Merger Control Toolkits – What You Need to Know Right Now

Santiago Del Rio, Michelle Marques Machado, Lorena Pavic, and Felipe Serrano

Merger control review is at an all-time high throughout Latin America, with major decisions and negotiation of remedies which create ripples across the region. Inspired by US and European authorities, LATAM authorities keep trying to push new theories of harm and are working more closely than ever before, while retaining their local input and review. The advent of ESG, the challenge posed by digital markets and a renewed sense of discussion on the effective goals of competition policy has led to a much higher need for companies to plan their regional merger filings on a more strategic manner. This brownbag will provide multijurisdictional advice from top-tier outside antitrust counsel from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia who will provide on-the-ground advice on how to properly negotiate and clear complex transactions in LATAM.


  • Merger control enforcement priorities in the jurisdictions and a glimpse how to properly harmonize review timelines;
  • Latest trends in how authorities analyze gun jumping;
  • What is the true impact of ESG and other non-competition related matters on the approval of transactions?
  • Is the merger control environment prepared for the next wave of mergers and acquisitions of LATAM’s unicorns?
  • Updates on key cases and current trends on remedy negotiation;
  • A look that the cooperation work between the agencies and how companies must learn from lessons past.