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An Introduction to the Anti-Corruption Leaders Hub

Daniel Patrick Wendt, April Snedeker, and Justin Michael Ross

A presentation of the ABA International Law Section International Anti-Corruption Committee.

As part of a Presidential Initiative for Democratic Renewal, the U.S. State Department recently launched the Global Initiative to Galvanize the Private Sector as Partners to Combat Corruption (GPS), which it describes as an effort to mobilize the private sector as critical actors in the fight against corruption, help level the playing field, and promote a rules-based international business climate. Within the GPS, parties have established the Anti-Corruption Leaders Hub at the OECD, which gathers c-suite executives from global enterprises, civil society and government leaders who commit to promoting anti-corruption efforts through the exchange of strategic insights and the implementation of the initiative’s activities. With the support of the US Department of State, this new global initiative builds on the OECD’s multidisciplinary approach towards promoting anti-corruption, trust and integrity, operationalizes international standards and takes forward a core commitment from the United States Strategy on Countering Corruption.

The panel provides an overview of the Hub’s initiatives during its initial year and outline some initiatives for the coming year.