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How to Get Published (An Author’s View)

Kelly Blount and Alan S Gutterman

This is a nuts-and-bolt program equally suited to law students, new lawyers and mid-career lawyers seeking to “get published”. 

It is common for lawyers starting out in their careers, regardless of age, as well as lawyers looking to change the direction of their practice, to be told that they should consider investing time in some type of publishing activity.  But, how do you get started?  

This program will cover a range of ideas about how to communicate your expertise and display your passion.  The speakers have extensive experience as authors and editors of books, newsletters and articles, as well as expertise on publishing alternatives such as podcasts and social media.   

This program is part of an ongoing series which features both young and seasoned practitioners discussing their fields of practice and opportunities for new and second-career lawyers in these fields.  Our goal is to educate and inform lawyers, including those entering the work force and those interested in exploring new opportunities, about how we started our careers and the experience of practicing in our chosen areas of practice.