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A Meal Ticket for Life? An Examination of the Varying International Approaches to Spousal Alimony on Divorce

Richard Min, Daisy Tarnowska, Maria Valentin Acedo, Lidio Antonio Duval Sanchez, Jennifer Wilkie, and Hachem El Husseini

There are significant differences regarding the calculation and duration of spousal alimony after divorce across the world. Much comes down to the rationale behind why the income provision is being made in the first place. In some jurisdictions it is viewed as a means of seeking financial fairness in divorce and this can mean that ex-spouses are provided with significant and long-lasting awards. In other jurisdictions, there is an expectation of financial independence, and the provision is more restorative. In the United States there is even a wide variation of approaches to spousal alimony across federal lines, and within the United Kingdom there are also differences (as between England and Scotland for example).