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Due Diligence in the Technology M&A Arena

Hyun Ju Helen Pak, JUNGYON SHIN, Jiwon Kim, Rosa Kim, Yoori Kim, and Takashi Toichi

Technology has become an essential component of businesses today, playing a crucial role in enhancing productivity, improving efficiency, and driving growth.  Given the central role of technology in business, intellectual property (IP) and information technology (IT) legal due diligence is becoming increasingly important for mergers and acquisition transactions across nearly all industry sectors.  Lawyers and corporate counsels involved in M&A transactions will benefit from understanding how technology is implicated in the target's business, key issues that will shape legal due diligence of the target's technology and IP assets, and jurisdictional differences that may impact such legal due diligence.  

This panel was presented at the Fall 2023 Asia/Pacific Conference on “Law and Technology in a Changing World” in Seoul, South Korea.