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Combatting Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery through the Rule of Law

Lourdes Venes, Lizzette Robleto de Howarth, Tsun-Ping Shih, Gillian Rivers, Marina Gales, Eric Biel, and Rory Oake

A strong rule of law system is crucial for combatting and eradicating forced labor, modern -day slavery, and human trafficking. According to the International Labour Organization, almost 50 million people wer e the victims of such exploitation in 2021. Panelists will discuss efforts being taken by the legal community to strengthen global, national, and local norms and institutional capacities to combat these crimes, end impunity, and get justice for victims. Le arn how lawyers are working with clients on ending these practices in global supply chains and how you can become involved in initiatives of bar associations and other organizations to help in this fight through prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnerships.

Hosted by 2023 Rule of Law Webathon partner the Inter-American Bar Association.