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Young Lawyers Interest Network Officer Highlight – Jimmie C. Herring, Jr.

Maritza T Adonis and Ljubica Kaurin Dragicevic


  • Aspiring lawyers advised to seek courtroom exposure, hone legal writing skills, and gain diverse experiences through internships and externships. 
  • Joining YIN allows one to connect with young attorneys globally, and contribute one’s knowledge in immigration law, international affairs, and human rights. 
  • Valuing public service, Herring’s short-term goals are working in federal prosecution, government affairs, and policy work
Young Lawyers Interest Network Officer Highlight – Jimmie C. Herring, Jr.
Adam Hester via Getty Images

YIN: Thank you for joining us for an interview and we are excited for our readers to learn more about you! We are happy to have you on our team as the Vice Chair of the Young Lawyers Interest Network (YIN) Committee. Could you first tell us more about your professional background?

Jimmie: First of all, thank you for showcasing me for the YIN Spotlight. Well, I am a licensed attorney in the State of Louisiana. Currently, I work for the United States Department of Justice and Executive Office for Immigration Review as an Attorney Advisor for the Oakdale, Louisiana Immigration Court. I draft written decisions regarding asylum, as well as conduct legal research and analysis on complex immigration issues. I entered my job through the prestigious Department of Justice’s Attorney General’s Honors Program. Before that, I was a Judicial Law Clerk for the First Judicial District Court of Caddo Parish in Shreveport, Louisiana. I conducted legal research and analysis and drafted decisions for a criminal and family law judge. I graduated from Southern University Law Center with my Juris Doctor degree. I also obtained my Master‘s in Public Administration from Louisiana State University, with a concentration in public policy, as well as my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Southern University and A&M College. In my free time when I am not practicing law, I like to spend time with my family and friends; play and attend sporting events such as football, basketball, and baseball for fun; go to the movies and watch various shows; and read about politics and government in my leisure time.

YIN: That's quite impressive, Jimmie. What was your inspiration, reason, and biggest influence in becoming an attorney and going into the legal field?

Jimmie: I have always had a passion and interest for learning about politics, government, and the law growing up. I was always interested in watching the news, learning about current events and issues, and reading about politics and government. When I was deciding my career path, I wanted to pursue a career working in politics, lobbying, and government relations advocacy. I noticed that many of the prominent individuals working in my state government and legislature in the State of Louisiana were attorneys as well. I also admired famous legal professionals such as United States Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and Attorney Johnny Cochran growing up. I enjoyed learning and reading about their work as attorneys and jurists, and how they achieved great success in the legal profession. In my free time, I also enjoyed legal shows and dramas such as Law and Order, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, and Suits. I decided that going to law school and becoming an attorney would be a great career for me to pursue.

YIN: That's great to know. Given your diverse experiences, what are your ultimate goals, and where do you see yourself in your future career?

Jimmie: My ultimate goal is to one day become an Assistant United States Attorney for the Department of Justice and prosecute various federal criminal offenses. I value public service, and I believe that becoming a federal prosecutor would be a valuable and prestigious career opportunity for me to pursue. I believe that I can bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a diverse perspective in serving in the role of an Assistant United States Attorney and federal prosecutor. I also still have an interest in working in government affairs, advocacy, and lobbying. I would also be open as well to pursuing opportunities to work in state and local government in Louisiana, or working in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill as legislative counsel doing policy work and advocacy. I can see myself working within these fields as my ultimate goals in the future.

YIN: For aspiring lawyers looking to follow in your footsteps, what educational skills, preparation, and advice would you recommend to young attorneys seeking opportunities to work in the government or in public service?

Jimmie: I would say that you should seek opportunities and experiences where you can go to court and gain exposure to the practice of law and see how attorneys conduct themselves. When I was in law school, I participated in our criminal law clinic where I was able to represent indigent defendants in criminal court to resolve their criminal legal issues. While in law school, I also interned at various places such as prominent law firms, a state and federal court judge, and a Fortune 500 company. I also believe that participating in a judicial clerkship helped me tremendously as well. These different opportunities and experiences gave me a lot of exposure to the practice of law. I was able to watch a lot of cases in court and observe and see both good lawyering and bad lawyering from the different attorneys. Also, these different internships and externships gave me the opportunity to hone and develop my legal writing and analysis skills. When I applied through the Attorney General’s Honors Program, I believe that all of these different experiences that I had made me a more well-rounded and marketable candidate to be considered for employment through this very competitive federal government hiring program. For law students and young attorneys seeking to work in public service or in the government, I believe that you should seek different opportunities to explore your interests and be intentional in your pursuit. Look for different opportunities that would allow you to watch and observe court and the practice of law. You should also look for opportunities to develop and work on your writing where you can gain valuable feedback and improvements. Participating in different internships and work experiences will allow you to figure out what are your interests and better determine what type of law you want to practice or career that you would like to pursue.

YIN: Thank you, Jimmie, for your valuable insights. Lastly, as Vice Chair of the Young Lawyers Interest Network Committee, what made you join the committee, and what would you like to accomplish in this role?

Jimmie: I was interested in joining YIN to get more involved in the ABA to connect, network, and meet other young attorneys in the legal profession. In my search, I came across the YIN through the ABA’s International Law Section and pursued the opportunity to get more involved. I am thankful for the opportunity to be selected as one of the Vice Chairs for the YIN. My experience working in immigration law has exposed me to other areas of law such as international affairs and human rights. I believe that I can provide my wealth of knowledge and talents to contribute to the ABA and YIN to help with programs, policies, and issues surrounding foreign affairs, diplomacy, and international relations. I am also looking forward to the opportunity to meet and connect with other young attorneys throughout the world.

YIN: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Jimmie: I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends. Engaging in flag football, volunteering with my fraternity Phi Beta Sigma, and binge watching “Suits, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder.”