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International Legal Developments Year in Review: 2022 (Volume 57, 2023)

This publication, International Legal Developments Year in Review: 2022, presents a survey of important legal and political developments in international law that occurred during 2022 amid a continuing global pandemic. The volume consists of articles from thirty committees of the American Bar Association International Law Section, whose members live around the world and whose committees report on a diverse range of issues and topics that have arisen in international law over the past year.

Not every development in international law can be included in this volume and the omission of a particular development should not be construed as an indication of insignificance. The International Law Section committees draft their articles under extremely strict guidelines that limit the number of words that each committee has: roughly 7,000 words, including footnotes. Within these guidelines, committee members contribute submissions that describe the most significant developments in their substantive practice area or geographic region. In some cases, non-section members who have particular knowledge or expertise in an area may also be contributing authors.


International Legal Developments Year in Review: 2022

  • Introduction


  • Canada

  • Food, Agriculture & Cannabis

  • Latin America and Caribbean

  • Mexico


  • South Asia/Oceania & India

Contracts, Transportation, Energy & Environment

  • International Contracts

  • International Energy and Environmental Law

  • International M&A and Joint Ventures

  • International Transportation Law

Corporate & Supply Chain

  • International Anti-Money Laundering

  • International Tax

 Cyber, Art & Technology

  • International Art and Cultural Heritage Law

Dispute Resolution

  • International Arbitration

  • International Courts and Judicial Affairs

  • International Litigation

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Women’s Interest Network

 Europe/Eurasia/Middle East/Africa

  • Africa

  • Europe

  • Middle East

  • Russia


  • International Investment and Development

Human Rights & Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Immigration and Naturalization

  • International Family Law

  • International Human Rights

  • International Refugee Law

Trade, International Organizations & Regulatory Practices

  • Customs Law

  • Customs and Trade Law

  • Export Controls and Economic Sanctions

  • International Animal Law

  • National Security Law

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