August 21, 2018 ILN

Upcoming Events

April 14–16

Section Retreat

Princeton, New Jersey


April 17–21

Section 2018 Annual Conference

New York, NY


May 10–11

Investment Arbitration and Trans-Pacific Transactions Conference



May 21–22

Challenging the Perception of Risk in Africa

Cape Town, South Africa


June 7–10

ABA Program on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Paris, France


June 10–12

Life Sciences Conference

Copenhagen, Denmark


July 20

International Law 101 Bootcamp Program

Miami, Florida


August 2–5

ABA Annual Meeting

Chicago, IL


August 27–September 1

AIJA Annual Congress

Brussels, Belgium


September 27

10th Annual Moscow Conference on the

Resolution of International Business Disputes

Moscow, Russia


October 17–19

The New Engine of Growth!

Investment and Technology Conference

Seoul, Korea


November 7–9

International Trade and Investment Conference

Mexico City, Mexico