Chair's Column

Sara Sandford

The theme of this issue of International Law News (ILN) is recent developments in the areas of arbitration, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution. The articles reflect the broad array of expertise we are lucky to have among the members of the ABA Section of International Law.

The cover article focuses on commercial arbitration in the ASEAN region. Next, we get timely insights from the U.S. State Department on international law and the South China Sea that were recently shared at the Section-sponsored “Live from the L” program. Next, we delve into a discussion of the 2016 UNCITRAL Notes on Organizing Arbitral Proceedings. Later, we learn about international sports arbitration in Germany and then dispute resolution in Myanmar, a country, the author tells us, ripe for investment with untapped opportunities and abundant natural resources. We’ll hear from the Section’s International Arbitration Committee on top trends in, major challenges to, and predictions for the future of arbitration and receive some practical and insightful information in ILN’s new column, “Perspectives from the Field.” You will also find other noteworthy pieces in this issue, including an interview with Ms. Haya Rashed Al-Khalifa, a lawyer and diplomat from Bahrain who has served as the President of the UN General Assembly and Bahrain’s Ambassador to France has played significant roles in arbitration and mediation organizations. Another article reports on HIV and drug testing requirements imposed on non-ethnic Korean foreign teachers in South Korea. Still others discuss the EU Bail-In Rule and China’s transition to market economy status under the WTO.

As you can see, ILN circles the globe, and each issue highlights a few of the legal developments, issues, and initiatives in which our members are engaged. With over 60 committees and roughly 20,000 members, the ABA Section of International Law enjoys access to a veritable fount of information about almost any internationally related legal topic in the world. I hope these articles will inspire every reader to sign up to be a member of the Section, if you aren’t already. And, if you are, I hope they will inspire you to join one or more of our substantive committees, in the field that is of most interest to you. Whether it is work on publications, programming, policy, or special projects, there is a way for every member to engage, share ideas, and make connections with colleagues around the world. So many of us have found it enriching, informative, engaging, and enjoyable to be active in the Section. I hope that you will, too!

Sara Sandford

Sara Sandford is an owner in the Seattle office of Garvey Schubert Barer and chair of the ABA Section of International Law.