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Six Questions With: Diversity and Inclusion Division Chair Peggy Taylor

Peggy Taylor

Peggy Taylor

About Peggy Taylor

Professionally, I serve as Senior Litigation Counsel in the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Immigration Litigation.  In that capacity, I litigate immigration cases in the Federal Courts of Appeal throughout the United States and mentor other attorneys in the office who do the same work.  I also serve in a number of different roles in the Section – Division Chair of the Diversity Division, Deputy to the Diversity Officer, and member of a group exploring Section sponsorship of an asynchronous, on-line legal writing course for lawyers whose first language is not English. 

The law is a second career for me.  I was a teacher prior to becoming a lawyer – teaching different languages.  Studying people from varying cultures and trying to understand what makes them tick is a life-long passion. 

In my real life, I am married, have two daughters, and three grandchildren.  Had I known how much fun it is to be a grandparent, I would have skipped the parent part – although I liked that too.  I also relish time with my circle of friends (many of them in the ILS.)

What was your first leadership post in the Section, and what is a favorite Section memory you’d like to share?

My first leadership post was Programs Chair in the Immigration Committee.  My favorite cluster of Section memories is gathering with the members of the Immigration Committee at the breakfast table during in-person annual meetings.  

What is your favorite city to revisit, and where do you want to go most that you have not yet been?

My favorite city to revisit is Vienna, Austria.  The city is, of course, visually beautiful.  But what makes the city stand out for me is its auditory beauty, delivered by way of first-class music – from the Staatsoper to the street musicians.  Most of all, I like Vienna because it helps me commune with my roots, as it is where my parents and preceding generations grew up and lived.

One thing I would love to see someday – the Cave Paintings of Lascaux.  I find the Paleolithic images (which so far, I have seen only on line) speak to the origins of the human race but do so in a mysterious way.  Post-pandemic, I intend to try hard to gain access.  But understand that might be a problem.  

If you could take the whole Section out for a meal, we would have . . . ?

I love all kinds of cuisines – especially, ethnic.  But the food item I turn to for landmark celebrations is – ice cream sandwiches.  Not very sophisticated, I realize.

What’s one thing you do for your mental and emotional well-being?

I play the piano.  I am fortunate enough to own a beautiful Steinway that my husband and I bought when our children were home and studying music.  And while I am definitely not concert-ready, I enjoy the companionship of Bach, Chopin, Gershwin, and many other great composers.

What are you reading/watching/listening to that you would recommend?

I am a dedicated listener of the radio show – Fresh Air on NPR.  Terry Gross, the principal host, extracts wonderful interviews from both well-known and lesser-known individuals.  I am also currently listening to a lot of Allison Krauss and have tickets to see her and Robert Plant in concert in June.

What are you most looing forward to this year?

An end to the pandemic!  (Naive?)