Around the Section of International Law - November 2018

ABA International Members,

This month we have an opportunity to look back on some great work in the Section and the leaders making it happen.


We start this message with policies since for many of us this is the value add that we produce for our members, lawyers around the world, and for our societies. With all the work that we do in this area, we thought it might be helpful to look back at the Blanket Authorities we have approved in the current fiscal year. When you look at the entire list, you can see the breadth of our engagement.


We completed conferences in Moscow, Seoul and Mexico City.

As usual, Glenn Hendrix led the efforts for what was our 10th Annual Moscow Conference on the Resolution of International Business Disputes. We had one of our largest attendances at the meeting in September.

Too many times the people who do all the work are forgotten or overlooked. I want to correct that. First, below is a picture of Executive Committee members for the Seoul Conference. From left to right are Philippe Shin, Claudia Hong (who served as executive secretary for the committee), Chunghwan Choi, me, Jai Lee and Young-Ik Choi. As a result of their hard work, the Conference exceeded its budget in terms of attendance and sponsorship, as well as educational value and fun.

The Mexico City Conference was also a success. Sadly, I do not have a picture of the Executive Committee of Rene Alva, Eduardo Benavides, Susan Burns, Enrique Garcia, Carlo Cannizzo, Patrick Del Duca, Patrick Goudreau, Melina Juarez, Andres Nieto, Luis Perez, Ben Rosen and Carlos Velazquez-de-Leon. My apologies for not getting a picture. The leadership group dedicated many hours to the conference, resulting in us attracting 300 attendees to a great series of programs.

To help your planning for 2019 Conferences, click here to see locations and dates. We have some exciting events in Washington DC, Oxford, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

Leadership Academy

Joe Raia, Vice Chair of the Section, has been running a series of informative programs as part of his Leadership Academy for committee leaders: Top 5 Tips for How to Run a Successful and Engaged ABA Committee

Food and Agriculture

Susan Burns expressed an interest in organizing a working group on food and agriculture. We challenged her to identify the need and interest. Her response may be helpful to others wanting to create or expand their committees. In her case, she created a monthly webinar series in a podcast style format called “What’s for Lunch? Conversations about sustainability and trends in food + ag.

Robert L. Brown
Chair, Section of International Law