Rule of Law & Democracy Building

International Law Section Policy

Below is a list of international policies adopted by the ABA House of Delegates. Please be advised that members must follow the policy procedure and usage guidelines outlined in the American Bar Association’s Constitution and Bylaws, Rules of Procedure of the House of Delegates. The specific procedures are available on the policy homepage.

Rule of Law - Democracy Building

Treaties in U.S. Law. Urges that legislation be enacted to provide procedures for implementing on an expedited basis commitments in existing treaties where the President reports to the Congress that binding measures are necessary to avoid the imminent risk of breach by the United States. 02/10

Statement of Core Principles . Adopts the Statement of Core Principles of the legal profession, adopted at the international bar presidents meeting in Paris, France, November 19, 2005 and urges bar associations throughout the world actively to support and advance the Rule of Law. 2/06

Rule of Law. Reaffirm support for the Rule of Law and its recognition of the need for an independent judiciary and for the independence of lawyers. Affirm support for human rights advocates striving to uphold human rights and the rule of law. 8/97

Russia. Urge Yeltsin and other leaders to establish a democratic republic by holding free and democratic elections and to adopt a democratic constitution; and offer ABA technical assistance, upon request, to accomplish these goals. 11/93

Guatemala . Urge the prompt reestablishment and maintenance of constitutional order and rule of law in Guatemala. 8/93

Promotion of Democracy. Direct the President of the ABA to identify countries that are creating democracies and changing their judicial systems and to offer the assistance of attorneys from the U.S. 2/90

Rule of Law. Support independence of lawyers, judges and legal processes in foreign countries through ABA communications to U.S. Secretary of State. Includes support for rule of law in Central and Eastern Europe. 8/80; 8/86

International Legal Exchange Program. Pledge to continue to cooperate, through this program, with the U.S. government, the UN, and foreign governments and bar associations. 8/78

Rule of Law. Support the Rule of Law in the international community; recognize the need for an independent judiciary and for the independence of lawyers. Note with the concern the reported arrest and detention or sentencing of lawyers in an increasing number of foreign countries because of their representation of individual clients. 2/75