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Publications Manual - Publishing a Book with the International Law Section

The Section is proud of its books and welcomes all book proposals, as books published by the Section are an integral part of our outreach activities and are a profit center. Thus, all proposals are reviewed and approved by the Administration Committee (after screening and recommendation by the Book Publications Committee) for pertinence and coherence with the strategic goals of the Section. The book proposals should be accompanied if possible by a proforma budget, which is prepared by the ABA Publishing staff on the basis of the proposal. This budget takes into consideration the length of the book, the cost of its promotion and publication, and the forecast sales and profits.

As a general matter, only those books that are likely to show a profit as reflected by the proforma budget will be approved. The Section’s royalty policy states that no royalties are paid to authors of collective works. For single-author works, the Administration Committee will entertain royalty requests but with no assurance of their being granted.

Any questions on the procedure for submitting a book proposal should be directed to the Publications Officer.