April 15, 2019

Committee Homepage Editing Guide

Committee Homepage Editing Guide

Dynamic Committee Homepage Quick Tips

Avoid copying/pasting content from Microsoft Office applications and other formats like PDF--These formats can contain hidden markup which causes glitches. In order to safely paste content into the DCH editor, a plaintext source should be used (Windows Notepad, for example). When in doubt, use the on-page editing tools. These will safely format content in ways the pages were designed to support.

To ensure a module is free of problematic content, you can clear the module and start fresh. Click 'Switch to HTML Mode' at the bottom of a text module, select and delete any content that is present, then click 'Switch to RichText Mode' to return to the WYSIWYG editor.

Committee homepages each have 3 modules with the ability to host files uploaded by users. Each has an individual capacity of 10MB which cannot be raised at this time. To efficiently utilize space, documents should be compressed or web-optimized. Dated material can be removed to save space.