Leadership Bios

Executive Committee

Joseph L. Raia Chair
Nancy Kaymar Stafford Chair-Elect
Marcos Rios Vice-Chair
Lisa Ryan Immediate Past Chair
Mikhail Reider-Gordon Secretary/Operations Officer
Edward M. Mullins Revenue Officer
David A. Schwartz Budget Officer
Melissa Pallett-Vasquez Liasion Officer
Kenneth N. Rashbaum Membership Officer
Clifford Sosnow Programs Officer


Administration Committee

Maximiliano Trujillo Rule of Law Officer
Whitney Debevoise Policy/Government Affairs Officer
Caryl Ben Basat Publications Officer
Michelle Jacobson Diversity Officer
Markus Zwicky Technology Officer
Deniz Tamer Communications Officer
Ekaterina Schoenefeld CLE Board Chair
Michael E. Burke Delegate/Member-at-Large
Steven M. Richman Delegate/Member-at-Large
Gabrielle M. Buckley Delegate/Member-at-Large
Glenn P. Hendrix Senior Adviser
Kevin Curtin ABA Board of Governors Liaison


Division Chairs

Melissa Ginsberg Americas
Paul Edelberg Asia/Pacific
Patricia Sims Contracts, Transportation, Energy & Environment
Mohammed Syed Corporate & Supply Chain
Daniel McGlynn Cyber, Art & Technology
Sandra McCandless Dispute Resolution
Margaret (Peggy) Taylor Diversity & Inclusion
Kabir Duggal Europe/Eurasia/Middle East/Africa
Fabian Pal Finance
Dan Appelman Human Rights & Corporate Social Responsibility
Hermann Knott Legal Practice, Ethics & Delivery
Jody Prestia Trade, International Organizations & Regulatory Practice



All Members of the Administration Committee (See Above)

Section Delegates to the ABA House of Delegates
Michael E. Burke (2017-2020)
Steven M. Richman (2018-2021)
Gabrielle M. Buckley (2019-2022)

Alternate Delegate
Don DeAmicis (2018-2021)

Editor-in-Chief of The International Lawyer
Marc I. Steinberg

Editor-in-Chief of the International Law News
Alan Gutterman

Council Members at Large Term Expires
Adam Farlow 2021
Ron Cass 2021
Deborah Enix-Ross 2021
Cara Lee Neville 2021
Bruce Rashkow 2021
Louise Ellen Teitz 2021
Eduardo Benevides 2022
Stephen Denyer 2022
Steven Hendrix 2022
Carolyn Knox 2022
William Mock 2022
Elizabeth Stong 2022
Ronald Bettauer 2023
Anne Bodley 2023
Yee Wah Chin 2023
William Johnson 2023
Houston Putnam Lowry 2023
Linda Murnane 2023
Delissa Ridgway 2023


Former Section Chairs
Lisa Ryan (19-20)
Robert L. Brown (18-19)
Steven M. Richman (17-18)

Young Lawyer Division Representative
Virginia Sturgill

Law Student Division Liaison

Non-Governmental Organization Liaison
Renee Dopplick

Public International Law Liaison
Jeffrey D. Kovar

Private International Law Liaison
Michael S. Coffee

International Trade Law Liaison
John Cobau

Non-U.S. Lawyer Representative
Mercedes Caral Pons