We have a very robust committee. We are very active with monthly conference calls of approximately one hour each. Our agenda items are very detailed.

One of the areas which we emphasize is programming and, as you may know, we are extremely active in presenting, sponsoring and co-sponsoring programs at the various spring and fall meetings. We have two programs in New York and we are planning programs for Buenos Aires.

In addition, the committee is very diverse and includes lawyers from large, medium, and small law firms in areas of practice such as trade, regulatory, corporate immigration, anti-corruption, and international private law.

The steering committee members are very approachable, friendly and we try to collaborate in committee matters and distribute our workload fairly and evenly. This has been accomplished thanks to the great leadership we have from the Chairs current and in the immediate past.

In terms of membership, it continues to grow steadily. We have many members who participate in our conference calls which are open to everyone and the Chairs give advance notice so we can make time for them.

We are very proud of the accomplishments of the Canada Committee and we look forward to forging more alliances with other committees. We have had programs co-sponsored by the Mexico, International Employment, International Trade, and other committees.