Membership Benefits

Lawyer and Associate Members

  • Global Networking via more than 55 special interest and regional committees, listservs, and an interactive website to network, exchange ideas, offer client referrals, collaborate with each other.
  • Access to approximately 18,000 legal professionals and students in 90 countries
  • Continuing Education & Professional Growth via Seasonal Meetings, Stand-alone programs and Committee Teleconferences
  • Publications – including The International Lawyer, a quarterly journal and the International Law News, a quarterly newsletter and international books.
  • International Projects – including the International Legal Exchange Program (ILEX) and the International Legal Resource Center

Law Students and Young Lawyers

Membership Categories


For lawyers licensed to practice in one of the states, territories, or possessions of the United States, ABA membership offers up-to-date news and information, career resources, and networking opportunities with other legal professionals.


If you are a lawyer licensed outside the U.S., a legal educator, a paralegal or a legal assistant, a law-office administrator, a law librarian, a consultant, or someone seeking access to the wealth of ABA benefits to develop a competitive advantage in your field.

Law Student

ABA Law Student status is only available to students at ABA-accredited schools.

Student Associate

Persons who are ineligible to be Lawyer or Law Student members of the Association, are enrolled in a college or university level post secondary educational studies, and have an interest in the work of the American Bar Association may join the ABA as a Student Associate.

International Lawyers

Lawyers licensed in nations other than the U.S.

Join or Renew Your ABA Membership

Membership Officer

As Membership Officer, I welcome you to the Section of International Law membership website.

Membership in our international community of lawyers opens many doors, including to:

  • become a better lawyer,
  • improve the law,
  • advance a legal career,
  • mentor others, and,
  • make friends with a members of a community diverse in every way and united in an appreciation of the value of membership in our unique international legal community.

As a Section member, among the resources that you can access is our flagship law review, The International Lawyer.  In particular, by clicking here, you can read its volume 50(1), celebrating fifty years of its publication of the perspectives and insights of practitioners and scholars of our community.  My own enthusiasm for what our members can achieve through our Section is laid out in one of its articles: Why We Read THE INTERNATIONAL LAWYER–Answers Parsed from Works of Two International Lawyers, 50(1) THE INTERNATIONAL LAWYER 87 (2017).

Our Section’s members are spread across over 100 countries, yet our work is conducted with a sense of close community across boundaries of all kinds.  Our members find leadership opportunities and visibility in our more than sixty committees (some focused on specific subject matters, others on a geography or other affinity) and our growing number of active city chapters.  They likewise contribute in our Section’s meetings of various sizes and focuses spread around the world as well as in our numerous publications (newsletters, law review and books) and policy and rule of law initiatives.  We offer abundant opportunities to relate through both technology and travel.

If you fall within our broad definition of a lawyer (no need to be a US lawyer, we welcome lawyers globally–AND we welcome law firm lawyers, inhouse counsel, government lawyers, judges, NGO lawyers, international organization lawyers, etc.–AND we welcome law students globally!), join our community by becoming a member.  You may be surprised by just how economical it is to sign up, but the true measure of your investment in our community will become apparent with time as you engage with us.

Surf this web page of our Section as a start to understanding the multi-layered opportunities to engage with us.  As I can facilitate the process of engagement, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at:

I hope to see you soon at a Section meeting, program or event!


Patrick Del Duca
Membership Officer

Mentorship Program

Help Law Students and Young Lawyers Learn From Your Experience and Knowledge!

Participating in the Mentorship Program is a great way to help the next generation of international practitioners to become involved in the Section and to receive guidance and advice that can be invaluable as they begin their career.

It only takes a small amount of your time each month over a six month period to be a mentor; however the rewards for the mentee will be life long!

To sign-up, please fill out the Mentorship Form