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Why Join the International Law Section

Who We Are

The ABA International Law Section serves as a gateway between international legal practitioners in the US and those practicing around the globe. With our 55+ committees and interest groups we provide a platform for all relevant practice topics, bringing together members to exchange ideas and network. As a Section, we are the leader in developing US international policies in their global context.

How We Are Organized

How to get involved

All lawyers and students are welcome to attend our meetings and become members, no matter where you practice. This is your opportunity to learn from others, share your knowledge, develop your practice, meet other practitioners from around the US and the globe to work with and exchange ideas, and get involved with legal issues that matter to you.

To become a member, sign up here, or send an email to Angela Benson, our Member Outreach Coordinator.

Once a member, the easiest way to get involved is to sign up for a committee (or three) and join their monthly calls. Attend webinars and meetings, and when you are ready, self-nominate for a leadership position within the committee. The more you engage, the more you will have meaningful opportunities to connect with others.

Our Publications

Our Section periodicals can be found on the Publications page, including our quarterly magazine International Law News, our journal The International Lawyer, and our annual Year in Review publication. Additionally, our committees' latest newsletters can be found on the Newsstand.

Find our Section titles at the Publications Microsite, which link to ShopABA.

International Law News (ILN) editions can be found here.

International Law Section Books

International Law Section Books

Our Programs

Whether it is in-person conferences, virtual Section meetings, or committee programs, there is always something going on! Our largest meeting of the year takes place every April in the US. Smaller forums take place around the world throughout the year. Almost every week our committees have a free webinar for members and non-members alike. Check out the calendar of events to register for upcoming programs. To plan ahead, take a look at our Save the dates page.

Our Policies

The Section is the leader in the development of policies in the international arena and the promotion of the rule of law ABA Presidential Rule of Law Letters, several of which were worked on by Section members, can be found here.

Highlights from our recent part work include important resolutions.

ABA Policies passed by the ABA House of Delegates can be found here.

The Section regularly issues Blanket Authority Comments

How to launch your career

Young lawyers and law students are welcome to join and take on leadership positions. This includes young foreign attorneys--those who are studying or graduated from LLM programs and are seeking work either in the US or in their home country. This is a fabulous opputunity to meet established attorneys in professional areas of interest to you.

Feeling lost in your career? This is your chance to ask questions and network to find your preferred area of practice.

Quick tips: How to network

  • Join a committee (or several)
  • Attend calls
  • Listen attentively and interact
  • Volunteer as a speaker, writer, editor, note-taker
  • Self-nominate for leadership positions, such as vice-chair of a committee
  • If there is an issue you care about, volunteer to help out on a policy proposal
  • Assist in the organisation of conferences
  • Do serious legal academic work
  • Participate in publications
  • Attend Section meetings—in-person or virtual
  • Have fun!


If you have questions about Membership or Publications, or how to get involved, email Angela Benson.

 If you have questions about any of our upcoming programs, email [email protected] or call the main Section Line at 202-662-1660. Any other specific questions can be directed to the appropriate staff person below.

Diversity Statement

The ABA Section of International Law is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion at all levels of the  Section. The Section recognizes the invaluable skills, talents, and experiences inherent in a membership consisting of individuals with diverse backgrounds including geographic diversity, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and economic status, amongst others as well as the intersectionality of the diverse differences.