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International Law

Lawyers Around the World: Around the Clock for the Rule of Law

About the Program

The rule of law is society's legal underpinning guaranteeing human rights and creating economic opportunity and development, and we lawyers are often the first line of defense.

The universal commitment of the world's lawyers to the rule of law inspired the UIA Union Internationale des AvocatsAmerican Bar Association International Law SectionAIJA - International Association of Young Lawyers, Human Rights Committee, and thirteen other organizations to join forces and organize an around the clock webathon addressing challenges to the rule of law around the world.

This special 24-hour series is divided into twelve two-hour programs. You can view the original Webathon Schedule here and see all of the videos via this Youtube channel.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright delivered the keynote during the ABA panel, “Developing Strategies and Programs to Support the Rule of Law” on May 4, 2021. The discussion that followed features ABA President Patricia Refo; Alberto Mora, Associate Executive Director for ABA Global Programs, including the Rule of Law Initiative; Michael Pates, Director, ABA Center for Human Rights and Joseph L. Raia, Chair, ABA International Law Section.

The Role of Lawyers in Protecting the Judiciary

Black Lives Matter - An Australian Perspective

Justice Amid Military Conflict: Does the Rule of Law Go Out the Window in Time of War?

Access to Justice for Refugees During COVID – past, present and future

Corporate Social Responsibility: Changing Perspectives to Recognize Rule of Law and Human Rights

Persecution of Lawyers by State actors: The Role of the International Bar Particular cases