International Startup and Emerging Companies Forum: Pushing the Boundaries

September 12-13, 2019 • Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center • San Francisco, CA

The conference

This Forum will cover what every legal practitioner needs to know about the legal issues faced by international startups and emerging growth companies. These companies face unique pressures and legal issues that can prevent their success or speed to market if not handled properly. Experts from around the world will provide cutting-edge strategies to navigate the minefields that threaten the existence of these companies, including strategies for regulatory compliance and disruptive innovation, CFIUS, setting up the corporate framework, IP strategies to get optimal results from federal funding agreements, and talent management, as well as insights into markets investing heavily in this space and the opportunities that affords.

Why this conference is important

Startups and emerging growth companies face a host of legal issues that threaten their existence on a daily basis. Those threats are magnified when they go global. By their nature, these companies are pushing the boundaries and, in many instances, the law hasn't caught up to them. Experts will dive deep into the legal issues startups and emerging growth companies face in their efforts to expand internationally. This Forum will provide practical guidance to practitioners and in-house counsel to help them tee their clients and companies for success in the global marketplace.

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