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International Law

Committee Descriptions and Leadership

The ABA has officially launched our new member communication platform, ABA Communities. This new platform is designed to make it easier to collaborate within committees, discuss important topics with other members, and conduct the business of the ABA.

What can I do on the new ABA Communities site?

ABA Communities was selected for its ease of use and the ability for you to:

  • Join committees and groups of interest to you
  • Update your profile and the information that others see about you
  • Participate in discussions within groups
  • Access important files made available by staff liaisons
  • RSVP for group events and seamlessly add them to your calendar
  • Keep current with groups activities by receiving a daily digest of activity

How do I get started?

To get started, we recommend the following to have seamless experience:

  1. Login to
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Upon completion of the location your profile will be activated on the new platform! Please take the time to read the Welcome page which provides a wealth of information on how to get around on the new platform.

Is there training available?

We have made short tutorial videos available and a FAQ to help acclimate you to the new platform. Those can be accessed at anytime by using these links:

Who do I contact for help or more information?

Contact the ABA Service Center at (800) 285-2221 or (312) 988-5000 from 9 am to 6 pm ET Monday through Friday or at [email protected].


This committee increases professional dialogue and efforts for legal professionals in the continent, scrutinizes legal institutional reforms, explores opportunities for investment, promotes human rights, and highlights the prospect for development in the region. This committee encourages the litigation of laws in the region, addresses legal issues affecting the continent and works with the committee’s members to address issues and create solutions.

  • Tyler Holmes, Co-Chair
  • Lakwame Anyane-Yeboa, Co-Chair
  • Angela Gallerizzo, Immediate Past Chair
  • Kerry McLean, Vice Chair (Rule of Law)
  • Anne Bodley, Vice Chair
  • Jimmie Herring, Jr., Steering Group
  • Bellanne Toren, Steering Group

Art & Cultural Heritage Law

This committee is composed of attorneys and students with an interest in the legal aspects of art and cultural heritage. Committee members work in settings including private practice, museums, government and academia. Within a diverse field with often sharply differing opinions, the committee welcomes all with an interest in this timely and fascinating subject.

  • Anne-Sophie Nardon, Co-Chair
  • Betina Schlossberg, Co-Chair
  • Peter Tompa, Senior Advisor
  • Birgit Kurtz, Senior Advisor
  • David Bright, Senior Advisor
  • Michael McCullough, Senior Advisor
  • Maria Goretti Tai, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Joy Naifeh, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Elizabeth Fraccaro, Vice Chair (Special Projects)
  • Armen Vartian, Vice Chair (Publications/Newsletter)
  • Andrea Al-Attar, Steering Group
  • Diego Figueroa-Rodriguez, Steering Group
  • Patty Gerstenblith, Steering Group
  • Kate Fitz Gibbon, Steering Group
  • Gregor Kleinknecht, Steering Group
  • Stephen Knerly, Steering Group
  • Daniel McGlynn, Steering Group
  • Susan Schwartz, Steering Group


The Canada Committee focuses on issues affecting those doing business in and with Canada to provide members with the tools that they need to properly advise their clients. The committee focuses on all areas of law and policy and the impact of change in the bilateral legal, regulatory and political landscape, allowing us to intersect with all committees for perspective.

  • Gannon Beaulne, Co-Chair
  • Sandrine Siewe, Co-Chair
  • Jonathan O'Hara, Senior Advisor
  • Scott Fairley, Senior Advisor
  • Andrew Lanouette, Vice Chair (Liaison/Outreach)
  • Adam Mauntah, Vice Chair (Communications/Membership)
  • Hunter Fox, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Philip Kariam, Vice Chair (Publications)

Central/East Asia & China

This Committee supports ABA members with interests in the countries covered by it and related legal matters. Committee work includes review, analysis, commentary and information-sharing on matters of law, legal practice and policy. The Committee organizes educational programs and social and business networking events, and connects the ABA with local bar associations throughout the countries covered by it.

  • Jian Wu, Co-Chair
  • Rita Wang, Co-Chair
  • Santiago Concha, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Andrew Minear, Vice Chair (Communications) 
  • Qiang Bjornbak, Vice Chair (Projects)
  • Steven Yu, Vice Chair (Publications)
  • Chengdong Xing, Vice Chair (Diversity)
  • Qiguang Hardy Zhou, Vice Chair
  • Andrea Feifei Ren, Steering Group

Cross-Border Practice Management

The Cross-Border Practice Management Committee provides a unique forum for reviewing the various policy and practical issues affecting global cross-border legal practice and law firm management, and studies and encourages alternative methods to enable both U.S. and foreign lawyers to offer legal services in multiple jurisdictions. Additionally, the committee interacts with legal regulators to reduce obstacles to multi-jurisdictional practice.

  • M. Georgia Gibson Henlin, Co-Chair
  • Kerry Anakwenze, Co-Chair
  • Renee Dopplick, Senior Advisor
  • Norman Clark, Senior Advisor
  • Peter Pang, Vice Chair (Diversity)

Cross-Border Real Estate

This committee is a clearinghouse for practitioners overseeing transactions in their jurisdiction and abroad. The committee pushes real estate law forward including inbound real estate investment; financing, mortgages, and security issues; harmonization of title registration and transfer requirements; title insurance issues; and other matters of substantive international real estate law. The committee updates its members on international real estate trends.

  • Carlo Cannizzo, Co-Chair 
  • Deydania Comas, Co-Chair     
  • Luis Castro, Senior Advisor
  • Ben Rosen, Senior Advisor
  • Mark Koenig, Vice Chair

Customs Law

This committee is concerned with laws including: valuation and classification of merchandise, penalties and damages, trade agreements, duty preferences and drawbacks, foreign trade zones, bonded warehouses, temporary imports, quotas, intellectual property rights, countries of origin, record-keeping and entry eligibility and supply chain security (CTPAT). The committee is involved with international harmonization efforts, and the comparative operations of customs agencies.

  • George Tuttle III, Co-Chair
  • Christopher Skinner, Co-Chair
  • Adrienne Braumiller, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Geoffrey Goodale, Senior Advisor
  • Les Glick, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • David Glynn, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • James Perry, Vice Chair (Social Media)
  • Shannon Fura, Vice Chair (Membership)
  • Ngosong Fonkem, Vice Chair (Diversity)
  • Lauren Wyszomierski, Vice Chair
  • Andrew Danas, Steering Group
  • Cynthia Galvez, Steering Group
  • Susan Lee, Steering Group
  • Cortney Morgan, Steering Group
  • Juan Pablo Rothschild, Steering Group
  • Quentin Vander Schueren, Steering Group


This committee unites members who are interested in the countries of the Eurasian region: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. It focuses on issues relevant to the region and promotes dialogue and cooperation between legal professionals in business, academic, non-profit, and government spheres. The committee’s current emphasis has been on Russia and U.S.-Russian relations; however, it welcomes a broad range of projects and members.

  • Kim Reed, Co-Chair
  • Scott Shostak, Co-Chair
  • Daniel  Cooper, Vice Chair
  • Andy Taylor, Vice Chair


The Europe Committee seeks to engage lawyers whose practice involves Europe, including the individual European countries as well as the European Union. It nurtures a community of lawyers active in cross-border matters, comparative law, and the continuously emerging European transnational law, both public and private. Its activities include programs at conferences, hot topics teleconferences, and newsletter presentations.

  • Luigi Pavanello, Co-Chair
  • Valeria Camboni Miller, Co-Chair
  • Pascale Longuet, Vice Chair (Membership)
  • K. Christopher Branch, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Michael Balistreri, Vice Chair (Diversity)
  • Scott Alexandr Shostak, Vice Chair
  • Willem den Hertog, Vice Chair
  • William Bierce, Steering Group
  • Paul Convery, Steering Group
  • Lindsay Marie Polega, Steering Group

Export Controls & Economic Sanctions

This committee focuses on export controls and sanctions programs that are administered in the United States and abroad, including those administered by the Commerce Department (BIS), the State Department (DDTC), and the Treasury Department (OFAC), among others. The committee actively participates in policy formation, organizes and promotes programs, and regularly publishes a newsletter and other materials of interest to members.

  • Andrea Al-Attar, Co-Chair
  • Christopher Stagg, Co-Chair
  • John Boscariol, Co-Chair
  • Alexandre Lamy, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Kay Georgi, Senior Advisor
  • William Black, Senior Advisor
  • Geoffrey Goodale, Senior Advisor
  • Trevor Schmitt, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Stephanie Brown Cripps, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Paul Lalonde, Vice Chair (Publications)
  • Larry Ward, Vice Chair (Publications/Year-in-Review)
  • Jonathan Meyer, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Sebastiaan Bennink, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Raul Rangel Miguel, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Tony Busch, Vice Chair (Year-in-Review)
  • Sabrina Bandali, Vice Chair (Membership)
  • James Perry, Vice Chair (Social Media)
  • Sanjay Notani, Vice Chair (Social Media)
  • Aida Dismondy, Vice Chair (Rule of Law)
  • Sylvia Costelloe, Steering Group
  • Chris Timura, Steering Group
  • Jody Prestia, Steering Group
  • Tom McVey, Steering Group
  • Nevena Simidjiyska, Steering Group
  • Bell Johnson, Steering Group
  • Cortney Morgan, Steering Group
  • Emily Mikes, Steering Group
  • Saul Newsome, Steering Group
  • Alexandra Lopez-Casero, Steering Group
  • Christopher Timura, Steering Group
  • Daniel Levien, Steering Group
  • Ulrika Swanson, Steering Group
  • Joseph Gustavus, Steering Group

Food, Agriculture & Cannabis

  • Nicole Cook, Co-Chair
  • Monica Sanchez, Co-Chair
  • Susan Burns, Immediate Past Co-Chair      
  • Austin Pierce, Vice Chair (Publications)                    
  • Giancarlo Andreoli, Vice Chair (Programs)                    
  • Lynne Ostfeld, Vice Chair (Communications)
  • Beatrice Raccanello, Steering Group
  • Beth-Ann Roth, Steering Group

Immigration & Naturalization

The Immigration & Naturalization Committee's mission is to promote the rule of law by bringing together those with a common interest in immigration law. It aims to develop awareness and encourage discussion of immigration issues around the world by producing newsletters, developing telephonic and in-person programs, proposing and commenting on immigration policy, and facilitating a worldwide network of immigration professionals.

  • Beatriz Ballerini, Co-Chair
  • Sergio Karas, Co-Chair
  • Betina Schlossberg, Vice Chair (Year-in-Review)
  • David Garson, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Nathania Ustun, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Eshigo Okasili, Vice Chair (Publications)
  • Ben Sheldrick, Vice Chair (Publications/Newsletter)
  • Michael Freestone, Vice Chair (Communications)
  • Clayton Cartwright, Vice Chair (Membership)
  • Joan Churchill, Steering Group
  • Jimmie Herring Jr, Steering Group

International Animal Law

The International Animal Law Committee (IALC) works to further animal welfare through advocacy and education. The IALC educates the legal community, policy makers, government officials and the public about animal issues. It also monitors the drafting and adoption of agreements affecting animals and takes a proactive position to advocate for the protection of animals on a world-wide basis.

  • Jodi Medoff, Co-Chair
  • Paula Cardoso, Co-Chair
  • Joan Schaffner, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Yolanda Eisenstein, Vice Chair (Publications)
  • Michael Swistara, Vice Chair (Publications/Newsletter)
  • Hira Jaleel, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Altamush Saeed, Vice Chair (Communications/Social Media)
  • Jane McElligott, Vice Chair (Diversity)

International Anti-Corruption

The International Anti-Corruption Committee promotes informed discussion of developments in the field of international anti-corruption. The committee supports efforts to deter corrupt practices and promote transparency through discussion and examination of current international anti-corruption regimes. It promotes dialogue and the exchange of ideas surrounding global anti-corruption initiatives via its members and in partnering with other organizations and institutions.

  • Daniel Wendt, Co-Chair
  • Luis Miranda, Co-Chair
  • Josh Christensen, Co-Chair
  • Marc Bohn, Senior Advisor
  • Jessica Tillipman, Senior Advisor
  • Severin Wirz, Senior Advisor
  • Corinne Lammers, Senior Advisor
  • John Coogan, Senior Advisor
  • Stephen Fowler, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Katrina Hausfeld, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Meredith Riley, Vice Chair (Rule of Law)
  • Brittany Harwood, Vice Chair (Membership)
  • Joseph Devlin, Vice Chair (Membership)
  • Brian Howard II, Vice Chair (Communications/Technology)
  • Nancy Boswell, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Jose Martin, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Matthew Feeley, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Barak Cohen, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Ernesto Alvarado, Vice Chair (Diversity)
  • Sulaksh Shah, Vice Chair (Publications)
  • Patrick Kelkar, Vice Chair (Risk)
  • Andrea Feifei Ren, Vice Chair (Asia)
  • Shrutih Tewari, Steering Group
  • Ann Sultan, Steering Group
  • Stéphane de Navacelle, Steering Group

International Anti-Money Laundering

The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Committee collaborates with outside groups and other ABA committees and interacts with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals concerning anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist finance laws, regulations, and compliance. The committee facilitates examination of efforts regarding financial integrity, emerging risks, concealment of beneficial ownership, recovery of stolen assets, gatekeeper proposals, and national security concerns involving threat financing.

  • Jeremy Glicksman, Co-Chair
  • Jamie Schafer, Co-Chair
  • Mikhail Reider-Gordon, Senior Advisor
  • John Regis Coogan, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Daniel Levien, Vice Chair (Membership)
  • Jennifer Rodriguez, Steering Group
  • Monika Sheldon-London, Steering Group

International Antitrust Law

The International Antitrust Law Committee comprises a network of antitrust practitioners and officials hailing from multiple jurisdictions. Through live programs, teleconferences, publications, and policy comments, the committee provides a unique forum to learn about competition law developments, influence international competition law and policy, and connect with an interesting and fun group of professionals from all corners of the globe.

  • Dina Kallay, Co-Chair
  • John Eichlin, Co-Chair
  • Tamara Dini, Co-Chair
  • Miguel del Pino, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Yee Wah Chin, Senior Advisor
  • David Schwartz, Senior Advisor
  • Sophie Yang, Vice Chair
  • Leonardo Rocha E Silva, Vice Chair
  • Cecil Saehoon Chung, Vice Chair
  • Sandhya Taneja, Vice Chair
  • Jason Wu, Vice Chair
  • Marco Amorese VI, Steering Group
  • Jose Carlos Berardo, Steering Group
  • Michelle Marques Machado, Steering Group
  • Daniel McGlynn, Steering Group
  • David (Baiding) Wu, Steering Group

International Arbitration

Through programs, publications, dialogue, the development of policy, and other initiatives, the International Arbitration Committee works to promote and improve both the substance and the procedure of international arbitration as a means of resolving cross-border commercial and treaty-related disputes.

  • Bart Wasiak, Co-Chair
  • Sujey Herrera, Co-Chair
  • Luis Martinez, Co-Chair
  • Barry Appleton, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Christopher Campbell, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Ronald Bettauer, Senior Advisor
  • Kirstin Dodge, Senior Advisor
  • Judge Lisa Ridgway, Senior Advisor
  • Kenneth Reisenfeld, Senior Advisor
  • Justin Askins, Vice Chair (Rule of Law)
  • Ljubica Dragicevic, Vice Chair (Communications/Social Media)
  • Rebeca Mosquera, Vice Chair (Communications/Social Media)
  • Noorvik Minasian, Vice Chair (Communications/Social Media)
  • Marcus Quintanilla, Vice Chair (Publications)
  • Gonzalo Rodriguez-Matos, Vice Chair (Publications/Newsletters)
  • Madina Lokova, Vice Chair (Membership)
  • Betsy Hellman, Vice Chair (Membership)
  • Imani Tisdale, Vice Chair (Membership)
  • Benjamin Malek, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Hiro Aragaki, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Rafael Pereyra Zorraquin, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Velislava Hristova, Vice Chair (Diversity)
  • John Devlin, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Guido Carducci, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Astrid Bottger, Steering Group
  • William Hill, Steering Group
  • Sherman Humphrey, Steering Group
  • Banke Olagbegi-Oloba, Steering Group
  • Vince Strong, Steering Group

International Contracts

This committee spearheads the Section’s work on legal issues relating to international and cross-border contracts (including contracts related to business transactions, sales of goods and services, leasing, distribution, agency, franchising, technology and intellectual property transfer, financing, acquisitions, secured transactions, and supply chain) and the interpretation and application of related transactional conventions and developments in foreign corporate and financial law, as well as related issues of human rights and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

  • Willem den Hertog, Co-Chair
  • Samuel G. Wieczorek, Co-Chair
  • Rafael Pereyra Zorraquin, Co-Chair
  • Andrew Danas, Senior Advisor
  • Vanesa Balda, Vice Chair (Diversity)
  • Anders Forkman, Vice Chair (Year-in-Review)
  • Wenceslao Gracia, Vice Chair
  • Luigi Pavanello, Vice Chair
  • Peter Pang, Vice Chair
  • Kristin Corcoran, Vice Chair
  • Miran Vila, Vice Chair
  • Martin Aquilina, Steering Group
  • Brendan Berne, Steering Group
  • Irena Juras, Steering Group
  • Alexandre Leite Ribeiro Do Valle, Steering Group
  • Stuti Murarka, Steering Group
  • Jorge Ramirez, Steering Group

International Corporate Counsel

This committee addresses practical matters of particular interest to corporate counsel in the international arena. Activities include sharing best practices on “nuts-and-bolts” issues through teleconferences and the newsletter, CLE programs, policy initiatives and special projects of interest to in-house attorneys, networking opportunities, and recognition of excellence and service to the community via the Outstanding Corporate Counsel of the Year award.

  • Manish Jain, Co-Chair
  • Luis Gonzales, Co-Chair
  • William Black, Senior Advisor
  • Cunzhen, Huang, Vice Chair
  • Athena Hou, Vice Chair
  • Thomas McConnell, Vice Chair
  • Jorge Mayora, Steering Group
  • Ignasi Costa, Steering Group
  • Yiming Sun, Steering Group
  • Angus (Shipo) Xie, Steering Group
  • Jason Drouvor, Steering Group

International Courts & Judicial Affairs

The committee focuses on the substantive and procedural aspects of international courts, tribunals, and the judiciary at large. It informs the legal community and public about notable cases, judgments, and changes affecting international rules of procedure, evidence and conduct. The committee also facilitates inter-jurisdictional collaboration between judges, and coordinates with the Judicial Division to review and develop ABA policy.

  • Manish Bhatt, Co-Chair
  • Sabrina Singh, Co-Chair
  • Madina Lokova, Co-Chair
  • Haydee Dijkstal, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Sara Ochs, Senior Advisor
  • Clayton Robert Barker III, Vice Chair (Membership/Rule of Law)
  • Keith Fisher, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Anshita Arora, Vice Chair (Communications/Diversity)
  • Timothy Franklin, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Madina Lokova, Vice Chair (Publications)
  • Viktoria Karamane, Vice Chair
  • Jorge Alberto Rodrigues das Neves e Silva, Steering Group

International Criminal Law

This committee focuses on international, transnational, and regional treaties related to crimes and human rights violations. Additional focuses include recent and emerging trends in international and transnational criminal cases around the world in international, regional, ad-hoc tribunals, and national courts. This committee also focuses on exercise of jurisdiction through the Rome Statute, Universal Jurisdiction, and Mutual Legal Assistance. Related topics this committee may explore as a compliment to international and transnational criminal law include the UN Treaty Body system, development of new treaties, and access to justice, and issues related to impunity.

  • Regina Paulose, Co-Chair
  • Tim Franklin, Co-Chair
  • Susan Schwartz, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Arthur Traldi, Senior Advisor
  • Vy Nguyen, Vice Chair (Publications/Newsletters)
  • Jody Prestia, Steering Group

International Employment Law

The ever-evolving globalized workplace requires in-depth knowledge of human resources laws and practices around the world. The International Employment Law Committee’s experienced members are knowledgeable in local laws and international practice and exchange through leadership, practical experience, and developments in international employment law in the form of newsletters, regular conference calls, and topical panels at the Section's conferences.

  • Amanda Hunter, Co-Chair
  • Carolyn Knox, Co-Chair
  • Sandra McCandless, Vice Chair
  • Cynthia Stamer, Vice Chair
  • Nadia Moynihan, Vice Chair
  • Falon Wrigley, Vice Chair
  • Elizabeth Parish, Steering Group

International Energy & Environmental Law

Our committee represents the fusion in 2021 of the former International Energy and Natural Resources Committee with the International Environmental Law Committee.  That merger underscores the inextricable link between the energy sector’s contribution but also potential solution to the greatest existential threat facing our planet today: anthropogenic climate change.  Our committee focuses on all aspects of the international energy and natural resources sector inclusive of upstream, midstream, and downstream from contract formation to arbitration. Specific areas of interest are: conventional and unconventional oil and gas development; renewable sources of energy; mining; power generation and transmission; and all aspects of international environmental and human rights law that may impact investment in these areas.

  • Thomas O'Keefe, Co-Chair
  • Mariana Ardizzone, Co-Chair
  • Luís Miranda, Senior Advisor
  • Bellanne Toren, Senior Advisor
  • Melina Juárez-Segura, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Danielle Edwards, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Benjamin Malek, Vice Chair (Communications)
  • Michael Hamersky, Vice Chair (Publications/Newsletters/Social Media)
  • Belen Odelid Medina Barrenechea, Vice Chair (Diversity)
  • Stanislav Cherkezov, Vice Chair (Policy/Rule of Law)
  • Sanjay Notani, Vice Chair (Membership)

International Ethics

The International Ethics Committee informs members about ethical and professional responsibilities affecting cross-border practice. The committee responds to ethical questions from the Section, develops policy recommendations on issues of professional responsibility, and provides a forum to improve professional practices. The committee proposes and recommends panels relevant to the committee’s mission for Section conferences and occasionally holds independent programs for members and SIL.

  • Alexander Fischer, Co-Chair
  • Angela Gallerizzo, Co-Chair
  • Jennifer Hernandez, Co-Chair
  • Lawrence Hanson, Senior Advisor
  • Markus Zwicky, Senior Advisor
  • Amy Bowers, Senior Advisor
  • Keith Fisher, Vice Chair (Publications)
  • Jason Matechak, Vice Chair (Rule of Law)
  • Fernando Jamarne, Steering Group

International Family Law

The committee focuses on international family law, including jurisdiction, applicable law and recognition of divorce, maintenance and matrimonial property regimes. The committee covers international pre-nuptial agreements and the efficiency of financial terms and clauses on jurisdiction and applicable law. The committee specializes in child abduction, all child-related matters such as parental authority internationally, enforcing visitation rights, and adoption contested paternity.

  • Maria Valentin Acedo, Co-Chair
  • Richard Min, Co-Chair
  • Melissa Kucinski, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Michael Coffee, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Jennifer Wilkie, Vice Chair
  • Daisy Tarnowska, Vice Chair (Communications)
  • Rong Kohtz, Vice Chair
  • Alexandra (Bailee) Brumfield, Vice Chair
  • Jonathan Lounsberry, Vice Chair
  • M. Florina Lupei, Vice Chair
  • Leah Ramirez, Vice Chair
  • Jessica Flint, Steering Group

International Finance & Securities

The International Finance and Securities Committee focuses on financial institutions, investment funds and firms providing banking, capital markets and insurance, as well as, equity and debt capital markets worldwide. On the finance side, topics include derivatives, swaps, financial technology, FX controls, AML and terrorist financing. On the securities side, topics include internationally standards, capital-raising, disclosure, accounting and auditing standards, and prohibited practices.

  • Priscilla Tshibemba-Petit, Co-Chair
  • Arthur DeLong, Co-Chair
  • Manfred Ketzer, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Sabin Volciuc, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Hernando Otero, Senior Advisor
  • Jennifer Rodriguez, Vice Chair
  • Juha Koponen, Vice Chair (Publications/Newsletter)
  • Catherine E. van Kampen, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Kelly Ian I Lei, Vice Chair (Diversity)
  • Diego Ramirez, Vice Chair
  • Marie Elena Angulo, Steering Group

International Human Rights

The International Human Rights Committee drives the creation, implementation and strengthening of legal, business, and cultural systems that monitor and respond to violations of human rights. This includes the intersection of business and human rights (also called Corporate Social Responsibility). Through a combination of education, involvement, and discourse, the IHRC mobilizes its members to engage with these issues, systems, and institutions globally and domestically.

  • Wendy Taube, Co-Chair
  • Kerry McLean, Co-Chair
  • Elizabeth Zechenter, Co-Chair
  • Corinne Lewis, Senior Advisor
  • Sara Sandford, Senior Advisor
  • Steven Richman, Senior Advisor
  • Hon. Linda Strite Murnane, Senior Advisor
  • Hon. Delissa Ridgway, Senior Advisor
  • Daniel  Appelman, Senior Advisor
  • Thomas O'Keefe, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Judith Wood, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Alexander Ehrle, Vice Chair (Subcommittee on Business and Human Rights)
  • Tiffani Brownley-Meijer, Vice Chair (Subcommittee on Business and Human Rights)
  • Constance Wagner, Vice Chair (Publications)
  • Eva Graham, Vice Chair (Publications/Newsletter)
  • Elizabeth Barad, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Austin Pierce, Steering Group
  • Carlos De Miguel Perales, Steering Group
  • Matthew Halverson, Steering Group
  • Patrick Cassidy, Steering Group
  • Shauna Curphey, Steering Group
  • Paul Shakeshaft, Steering Group
  • David Buzard, Steering Group

International Intellectual Property Rights

The globalized marketplace subjects intangible property rights to a complex and often conflicting web of comparative jurisdictional laws. This committee examines current issues affecting all areas of intellectual property law in this international context: both as a means to provide guidance for practitioners, and to collaborate with other ABA entities in developing comments on proposed legislation and administrative agency guidelines.

  • David Long, Co-Chair
  • Madison Woodson, Co-Chair
  • S B Valli Chaudhary, Vice Chair
  • Christian Cahill, Vice Chair

International Investment & Development

This committee focuses on major investments internationally, including infrastructure projects and project finance. Issues include economic reform and development in emerging economies, barriers to international investment, the role of foreign assistance programs in promoting economic development and investment, market trends facilitating investment finance, privatization initiatives in developing economies, and the development of international norms relating to civil society on said issues.

  • Efraim Chalamish, Co-Chair
  • Jennifer Rodriguez, Co-Chair
  • Levon Golendukhin, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Benedict Kirchner, Senior Advisor
  • Thomas O'Keefe, Vice Chair (Policy)      
  • Juan Pomes, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Jennifer Ersin, Vice Chair (Year-in-Review)
  • Michael Aguilar Merlo, Vice Chair (Diversity)
  • Ernesto Velarde-Danache, Steering Group
  • Pushkar Keshavmurthy, Steering Group
  • Xiaohan (Kira) Lin, Steering Group
  • Linda Lowson, Steering Group
  • Karthik Nagarajan Steering Group
  • Wesley Pang, Steering Group
  • Vasili Touline, Steering Group

International Legal Education and Specialist Certification

Effective transnational practice begins with teaching new lawyers to recognize and handle international legal issues that arise in practice and encouraging their engagement with international practitioners to ensure that they are “practice ready.” This committee connects international legal academics, program directors, students, practicing lawyers, and bar leaders toward the goal of developing top-notch educational, training and specialist certification programs.

  • Diane Edelman, Co-Chair
  • Melanie Reid, Co-Chair
  • Ira Trako, Senior Advisor

International Life Sciences and Health Law

Health and life sciences are critical and fast-developing fields, with problems and solutions spanning continents and crossing borders. The committee explores emerging issues in international public health, international organizations, cross-border healthcare, international regulation and issues of social responsibility such as access to new treatments and healthcare. The committee facilitates networking and educational opportunities for attorneys in public and private sectors on all six continents.

  • Cynthia Stamer, Co-Chair
  • Elizabeth Leight, Co-Chair
  • Małgorzata Kiełtyka, Co-Chair
  • Mike McCabe, Vice Chair
  • Jakub Gładkowski, Vice Chair
  • Matthew Halverson, Vice Chair (Publications/Newsletters)
  • Andrew Dang, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Valli Chaudhary, Steering Group

International Litigation

The focus of the International Litigation Committee is interpreting and developing laws and policies governing international litigation and dispute resolution. The committee’s work includes service of papers abroad, extraterritorial jurisdiction, litigation in aid of arbitration, gathering evidence abroad, conflicts between data protection laws and discovery/disclosure obligations, and much more. Its work touches virtually any substantive legal area globally.

  • Katrin Hanschitz, Co-Chair
  • Elizabeth Chien-Hale, Co-Chair
  • Robert Kry, Co-Chair
  • William Hill, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Eric Sherby, Vice Chair (Publications)
  • James Berger, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Paul Convery, Vice Chair (Membership)
  • Maria Paula Aguila, Vice Chair
  • Betsy Hellman, Steering Group
  • Silvia Lazzeretti, Steering Group
  • Noorvik Minasian, Steering Group
  • Eoin Moynihan, Steering Group
  • Stephanie Traband, Steering Group
  • Catherine E. van Kampen, Steering Group

International M&A Joint Venture

This committee focuses on legal and practical issues relating to international and comparative merger and acquisition and joint ventures, including efforts to develop greater international harmonization of laws, regional and national approaches to issues relating to mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures; and developments in countries or regions that are implementing or changing their mergers and acquisitions and joint venture laws.

  • Sarah Schwartz, Co-Chair
  • Takashi Toichi, Co-Chair
  • Eric Kuhn, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Fabian Pal, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Raphaël Maximilien Dalmas, Senior Advisor
  • Vanesa Balda, Senior Advisor
  • Hermann Knott, Senior Advisor
  • Federico Gurdián, Vice Chair
  • Anton Dzhuplin, Vice Chair (Year-in-Review)
  • Cecilia Barrero, Vice Chair (Communications)
  • Geoffrey Goodale, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Melissa Grim, Vice Chair (Diversity)
  • Pablo Ferraro-Mila, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Luis Uriel Perez-Delgado Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Upasana Rao, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Maria Bofill, Vice Chair (Publications/Newsletter)
  • Kelly Ian I Lei, Vice Chair (Publications/Newsletter)
  • Luigi Pavanello, Steering Group
  • Jason Saltzman, Steering Group

International Mediation

The International Mediation Committee focuses on the use of mediation and conciliation in resolving international business and investment disputes. The committee does its work through programs at Section and ABA conferences (and non-CLE teleconferences), written reports to the Section and to the ABA and, on occasion, policy recommendations and international networking.

  • Renate Dendorfer-Ditges, Co-Chair
  • Malcolm McNeil, Co-Chair
  • Sherman Humphrey, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Douglas Harrison, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Jaya Sharma, Vice Chair
  • Hernando Otero, Senior Advisor

International Private Client

The International Private Client Committee (IPCC) is for lawyers and those interested in international estates planning, estate litigation and asset protection, governance, and succession of closely held corporations. The expertise of the committee’s members includes employment, corporate, immigration, estate, capacity, and tax law, to name a few. The IPCC welcomes attorneys and law students with similar interests to join.

  • Benjamin Rosen, Co-Chair
  • Aureliano Gonzalez, Co-Chair
  • Barbara Hauser, Senior Advisor
  • Sunita Doobay, Vice Chair (Year-In-Review)
  • Silvia Lazzeretti, Vice Chair (Diversity)
  • Omar Hegazi, Vice Chair
  • João Valadas Coriel, Steering Group
  • Douglas Borg, Steering Group

International Private Equity and Venture Capital

The committee focuses on topical issues facing international lawyers who form and represent private equity funds and other alternative investment vehicles, including venture capital funds, hedge funds and hybrids. It focuses on transactional matters (including financing), fundraising, fund governance, tax and regulatory and compliance aspects of these entities.

  • Annika Clauss, Co-Chair
  • Victor Goldfeld, Co-Chair
  • João Otávio Olivério, Senior Advisor
  • Luis F. Gonzalez Nieves, Senior Advisor
  • Luiz Filipe Aranha, Vice Chair
  • Edward Kim, Vice Chair
  • Sebastian Olk, Vice Chair
  • Upasana Rao, Vice Chair
  • Fernando Erana, Vice Chair
  • Priscilla Bonsu, Vice Chair
  • Hernan Slemenson, Vice Chair
  • Gianmarco Mileni, Vice Chair
  • Jason Saltzman, Steering Group
  • Astrid Bottger, Steering Group

International Refugee Law

The International Refugee Law Committee is concerned with the fundamental human rights of refugees, rights they can rarely assert and are often denied. The committee endeavors to educate, foster critical legal discussion, promote legal and policy advocacy, respond to current events, and promote refugee rights at the international level.

  • Nikolas De Bremaeker, Co-Chair
  • Heather Weckel, Co-Chair
  • Banke Olagbegi-Oloba, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Hon. Linda Strite Murnane, Senior Advisor
  • Firas Aljijakli, Vice Chair (Rule of Law)
  • Isibor Aigbe Oaikhinan, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Gaurav Dani, Steering Group

International Tax

This committee focuses on international taxation of businesses and investments and international tax planning, including transfer pricing, thin capitalization, treaties to avoid double taxation, exchange of information (FATCA, CRS, Tax Exchange of Information Treaties, etc.), taxation of international corporate and financial transactions, and other international corporate and individual tax matters (e.g., cross-border practice focusing on private client issues).

  • Pamela Fuller, Co-Chair
  • Johan Myren, Co-Chair
  • Sunita Doobay, Senior Advisor
  • Robert Misey, Senior Advisor
  • Christie Galinski, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Samuel Parks, Vice Chair (Year-in-Review)
  • Aseem Chawla, Vice Chair (Membership/Rule of Law)
  • John Shoemaker, Vice Chair (Membership/Programs)
  • David Brandon, Steering Group
  • Robert Kantowitz, Steering Group
  • Patrick McCormick, Steering Group

International Trade

The International Trade Committee follows international trade proceedings and policy, focusing on antidumping duties, countervailing duties, and safeguards relief. This committee deals in intellectual property violations by imported goods through Section 337, monitors congressional approval processes, WTO and NAFTA dispute settlement, effects of trade laws on the environment and labor rights, and differences between trade laws and standards across nations.

  • Cynthia Galvez, Co-Chair
  • Leslie Glick, Co-Chair
  • Jessica Horwitz, Senior Advisor
  • Geoffrey Goodale, Senior Advisor
  • Susana Lee, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Garrett Peterson, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Jonathan Meyer, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Ulrika Swanson, Vice Chair (Diversity)
  • Jennifer Rodriguez, Vice Chair (Communications)
  • James Perry, Vice Chair (Communications/Social Media)
  • Cecilia Guerra, Vice Chair (Rule of Law)
  • Dharmendra Choudhary, Vice Chair (Publications/Newsletter)
  • Lauren Wyszomierski, Vice Chair (Membership)
  • Heather Thorpe, Vice Chair (Special Projects)
  • Wiiliam Black, Vice Chair
  • Nevena Simidjiyska, Steering Group

International Transportation

The International Transportation Committee (ITC) addresses a wide range of issues relating to the international transportation of people and cargo by air, vessel, road, rail, or intermodal service. The ITC’s work focuses on both public and private international law because both form an integral part of the worldwide web of laws, regulations and agreements that govern international transportation.

  • Jason Drouyor, Co-Chair
  • Rebecca Fenneman, Co-Chair
  • Jeffrey Lawrence, Senior Advisor
  • Attilio Costabel, Senior Advisor
  • Andrew Danas, Senior Advisor
  • James Border, Vice Chair (Publications)
  • Nicholas Webb, Vice Chair (Policy)
  • Heather Thorpe, Steering Group
  • Wook Chung, Steering Group

Latin America & Caribbean

The committee is dedicated to studying legal trends in the region. This committee addresses economic integration analyzing bilateral and regional trade arrangements. It focuses on the most diverse issues relevant to the region that are present in the daily lives of lawyers, judges, regulators and legislators. The committee is a conduit by which members connect and share experiences or collaborate on projects.

  • Federico Gurdián, Co-Chair
  • Hector Ferreira, Co-Chair
  • Vanesa Balda, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • José Francisco Mafla, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • José Martin, Senior Advisor
  • Ernesto Velarde, Senior Advisor
  • Eduardo Benavides, Senior Advisor
  • Fabian A. Pal, Senior Advisor
  • Maria Paula Aguila, Senior Advisor
  • Daniel González, Vice Chair (Communications)
  • Pablo Ferraro-Mila, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Lelia Mooney, Vice Chair (Diversity)
  • Maximiliano J. Trujillo, Vice Chair (Rule of Law)
  • Francisco Ugarte, Vice Chair (Year-in-Review)
  • Jorge Mestre, Vice Chair (Publications/Newsletter)
  • Norman Clark, Steering Group
  • Wenceslao Gracia Zubiri, Steering Group
  • Steven Hendrix, Steering Group
  • Monica Sanchez, Steering Group

Lawyers Abroad

This committee focuses on U.S.-licensed lawyers working abroad and foreign-licensed lawyers practicing their domestic law in the U.S. It helps promote the role of Foreign Legal Consultants in the US legal community and develops initiatives to improve the authorized practice of law. It supports local chapters’ activities and organizes community outreach. It offers equivalent ABA benefits to all members whether living abroad or in the U.S.

  • Hon. Linda Strite Murnane, Co-Chair
  • Cecilia Barrero, Co-Chair
  • Bruce Horowitz, Senior Advisor
  • Beatrice Raccanello, Senior Advisor
  • Amy Sommers, Senior Advisor
  • Ramona Tudorancea, Senior Advisor
  • Kelly Blount, Vice Chair (Communications)
  • Nadia Moynihan, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Neil AJ Sullivan, Vice Chair
  • Laurence Wiener, Vice Chair
  • George Konoupis, Steering Group
  • Jen Geary, Steering Group
  • Joy Momin, Steering Group
  • Clarke Martin, Steering Group
  • J.D. Xherri, Steering Group


The Mexico Committee has a diverse membership, which makes it a vibrant and engaging committee. It grows its membership through attraction, rather than promotion. Among the committee’s signature activities are: active sponsorship of programs on legal developments in Mexico, the U.S. and other jurisdictions; contribution to the section Year-in-Review, and publication of a quarterly newsletter on developments in Mexican law.

  • Andrés Nieto, Co-Chair
  • Eduardo Díaz Gavito, Co-Chair
  • Kelsey Quigley, Co-Chair
  • John Walsh, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Les Glick, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Natalie Flores Campbell, Vice Chair (Communications)
  • Betina Schlossberg, Vice Chair
  • Raul Rangel Miguel, Vice Chair

Middle East

Through programs, publications, dialogues, and other initiatives, the Middle East Committee covers a range of legal topics and developments (including public international law, as well as commercial law and dispute resolution), involving the countries of North and Saharan Africa (and Djibouti) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen.

  • Kelly Blount, Co-Chair
  • Nathania Ustun, Co-Chair
  • Harry Baumgarten, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Deena Hurwitz, Senior Advisor
  • Hon. Delissa Ridgway, Senior Advisor
  • Daniel Cooper, Senior Advisor
  • Mohammed Radwan Al-Omar, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Vince Draa, Vice Chair (Social Media)
  • Mary Boktour Vice Chair (Rule of Law)
  • Rania Attum, Vice Chair (Policy)

National Security

The National Security Committee examines political, military, economic, social, legal and naturally occurring events throughout the world, evaluating how they affect the security interests of the US and beyond. Via the components of the National Security Strategy – Defense, Diplomacy and Development – the committee’s diverse membership analyzes these events and the responses of decision-makers in the context of the rule of law.

  • Daniel McGlynn, Co-Chair
  • Jonathan Meyer, Co-Chair
  • Barbara Linney, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Geoffrey Goodale, Senior Advisor
  • Steven Hendrix, Senior Advisor
  • Jody Prestia, Senior Advisor
  • Jonathan Granoff, Senior Advisor
  • Orga Cadet, Vice Chair
  • Aida Dismondy, Vice Chair
  • Wiiliam Black, Vice Chair
  • Raul Rangel Miguel, Vice Chair
  • Saul Newsome, Steering Group

Northeast Asia, Japan & Korea

The Northeast Asia, Japan & Korea Committee is focused on Japan, Korea and other countries in this area of Asia. The Committee presents programs and reviews legal issues and policies in the region and its individual countries. Committee members share knowledge about relevant legal issues through events, initiatives and newsletters with its members around the world.

  • Hiroyuki Sanbe, Co-Chair
  • Philippe Shin, Co-Chair
  • Daniel Young, Co-Chair
  • Aliyah Lewis, Vice Chair (Membership)
  • Noriko Ishifuji, Vice Chair
  • Yuki Ashina, Vice Chair

Privacy, Cybersecurity, & Digital Rights

This committee has been established as a resource to assist in the education of international law practitioners on the evolving international laws and practices relating to privacy, data protection, cybersecurity and e-commerce, in particular as they relate to global e-business. The committee will also explore the complex legal issues that arise when technology innovation, new forms of content, international business considerations and regulatory concerns converge.

  • Tedrick Housh, Co-Chair
  • Migan Megardichian, Co-Chair
  • Linda V. Priebe, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Daniel McGlynn, Senior Advisor
  • Catherine E. van Kampen, Vice Chair (Communications)
  • Aldo Leiva, Vice Chair (Diversity/Rule of Law)
  • Lindsay Polega, Vice Chair (Membership)
  • Jody Prestia, Steering Group

Seasoned Lawyer Interest Network (SIN)

Seasoned in international law practice, SIN members operate across a broad spectrum of practice areas, using their knowledge to prepare other Section members for career transitions through programs on second careers. In cooperation with other ABA entities and the UN, SIN conducts research on the human rights of elder persons and develops Section policy on issues particular to seasoned lawyers.

  • Laurence Wiener, Co-Chair
  • Cecilia Barrero, Vice Chair
  • Willem  den Hertog, Vice Chair
  • Hon. Linda Strite Murnane, Steering Group
  • Jeffrey Epstein, Steering Group
  • Viktorija Karamane, Steering Group
  • Carol Mates, Steering Group

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Network (GIN)

GIN aims to expand diversity and awareness in the legal profession by focusing on legal issues affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA) people and their families, employers and allies. Membership in GIN is not limited to the LGBTQIA community – the network welcomes, encourages and values the membership and input of all members of the legal community in accomplishing greater diversity and awareness.

  • Sharon James, Co-Chair
  • Jackson Pai, Co-Chair
  • Kirstin Dodge, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Paul Johnson, Senior Advisor
  • Elliott Foster, Vice Chair (Diversity/Rule of Law)
  • Mark Wojcik, Vice Chair (Year-in-Review)
  • R. Douglas Elliott, Vice Chair (Policy/Programs)

South Asia/Oceania & India

The South Asia/Oceania and India Committee works to improve members’ understanding of legal issues that affect public service, as well as, corporate, commercial and litigation interests of clients engaged in activities in the United States and countries in its region. The Committee builds relationships among members of the legal communities of those countries through participation in meetings, panel discussions and publications of research and analysis.

  • Pratibha Jain, Co-Chair
  • Michael Green, Co-Chair
  • Poorvi Chothani, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Jonathan Blank, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Kavita Mohan, Vice Chair (/Rule of Law/Year-in-Review)
  • Payel Chatterjee, Vice Chair (Membership)
  • Naina Krishna Murthy, Vice Chair (Membership)
  • Aseem Chawla, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Sanjay Notani, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Bharat Anand, Vice Chair (Programs) 
  • Mohit Saraf, Vice Chair (Programs) 
  • Vaibhav Parikh, Sr., Vice Chair (Programs) 
  • Naresh Thacker, Vice Chair (Communications/ Publications)
  • Reshma Sambare, Vice Chair (Diversity)
  • Lakshmi Mittal, Steering Group
  • Daniel Hantman, Steering Group
  • Darshi Shah, Steering Group
  • James Taylor, Steering Group
  • Komal Joshi, Steering Group

UN & International Organizations

The committee provides expertise and education and promotes cooperation between the United Nations and other multilateral organizations and the ABA. It also helps advance the Section's policy positions on public and private law issues. The committee’s annual programs include ABA Day at the UN and a briefing by the U.S. Department of State Office of the Legal Adviser.

  • Michelle Keith, Co-Chair
  • Mandalena Prelashi, Co-Chair
  • Ron Bettauer, Senior Advisor
  • Richard Field, Senior Advisor
  • Houston Putnam Lowry, Senior Advisor
  • Bruce Rashkow, Senior Advisor
  • Daniel Keith, Vice Chair (Law Day)
  • Lloyd Ocean, Vice Chair (Publications)
  • Viktoria Karamane, Vice Chair (Rule of Law)
  • Christopher Amaral, Steering Group
  • Anshita Arora, Steering Group
  • Esmeralda Bocardo, Steering Group
  • Angela Gallerizzo, Steering Group
  • Levon Golendukhin, Steering Group
  • Shea Hazel, Steering Group
  • Swanta Shah, Steering Group
  • Sara Zaman, Steering Group

Women's Interest Network (WIN)

This committee focuses on the advancement of the legal rights and interests of women around the world through educational programs, teleconferences, policy initiatives, publications, communications, and outreach. The committee’s annual programs include panel discussions on legal themes related to International Women’s Day and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Elizabeth Zechenter, Co-Chair
  • Catherine E. van Kampen, Co-Chair
  • Hon. Delissa Ridgway, Senior Advisor
  • Deena Hurwitz, Senior Advisor
  • Hon. Linda Strite Murnane, Senior Advisor
  • Kerry McLean, Vice Chair (Rule of Law)
  • Julie King, Vice Chair (Year-in-Review)
  • Sandhya Taneja, Vice Chair (Year-in-Review)
  • Silvia Lazzeretti, Vice Chair (Diversity)
  • Elizabeth Barad, Vice Chair (Programs)
  • Stephanie Traband, Steering Group
  • Linda Gitonga, Steering Group

Young Lawyer's Interest Network (YIN)

YIN embraces new and young lawyers, as well as law students from around the world, making their ABA experience exciting and rewarding. Addressing issues through advocacy, special events and mentorships, it guides lawyers through their early years in the profession and within the international legal community. Most importantly, friendships and international networks are formed, proving essential throughout all legal careers.

  • Maritza T. Adonis, Co-Chair
  • Ljubica Kaurin Dragicevic, Co-Chair
  • Anshita Arora, Vice Chair
  • Catalina Fonseca, Vice Chair
  • Maria Goretti Tai, Vice Chair
  • Katarina Gutierrez-Chavez, Vice Chair
  • Jimmie Herring Jr., Vice Chair
  • Dayana Saint Vil, Vice Chair
  • Yang Yu, Vice Chair
  • Kelly Blount, Senior Advisor
  • Gabriel Dejarden, Senior Advisor
  • Corinne Lewis, Senior Advisor
  • Jose Mafla, Senior Advisor
  • Col. Judge Linda Murnane Senior Advisor
  • Thomas O'Keefe, Senior Advisor
  • Nancy Stafford, Senior Advisor
  • Lindsey Polega, Steering Group Member