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International Projects

Rule of Law projects, initiatives, programs and policy statements responding to world events.

International Projects

International Legal Exchange Program – ILEX

The International Legal Exchange Program (ILEX) was created under the proposition that a worldwide exchange of ideas and programs will lead to a heightened level of learning and understanding for all. Since 1968 this concept has motivated ILEX’s programs and allowed the creation of new projects in response to current world affairs.

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Afghan Legal Professionals Scholarship & Mentoring Pilot Program

The ABA Afghan Legal Professionals Scholarship and Mentoring Pilot Program seeks to rekindle the legal career of Afghan judges, lawyers, and prosecutors who have resettled in the United States.  Candidates accepted into this program may become ready for and then seek a Master of Laws (LLM) degree enabling them to serve their communities’ unique needs.

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International Legal Policy

One of the Section’s stated goals is to participate in the formation of international legal policy by identifying and influencing public policy issues important to international law, global business, and international institutions. The Section is uniquely positioned to influence policy on international legal matters.

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Collaborations with Bar Associations

The Section works with local, state and international bar associations and international legal organizations to facilitate joint programming, publications, policy initiatives and projects.

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International Legal Resource Center

Since 1999, the International Legal Resource Center has been providing technical legal assistance to rule of law and democratic governance implementers who work in developing countries by providing legal experts possessing development track records.

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Diversity Fellowship

The ABA International Law Section sponsors a Diversity Fellows Program. The Program supports the ABA’s policy of active involvement and participation of diverse lawyers in the Section, ABA, the profession, and the justice system. The Section is committed to ABA Goal III to promote full and equal participation).  The Program is for young, barred lawyers under 36 years old with five years or less of legal experience, who have an interest in international law and come from a variety of backgrounds, including diverse races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities and disabilities.

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Rule of Law/Goal IV

The American Bar Association International Law Section's Rule of Law Activities are supported by the Section Support Fund through the ABA Fund for Justice and Education, which is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. These activities fall under the ABA's fourth goal, "to advance the rule of law," which was adopted in 1983. Help our efforts today!

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International Law Section Projects

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