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The LexisNexis World Order Under Law Award is presented periodically by the Section to individuals who have made a substantial contribution to and provided visionary leadership in pursuit of the American Bar Association’s Goal IV, which is “To Advance the Rule of Law in the World.”


  • 2022—Hon. Patricia Whalen; Hon. Vanessa Ruiz
  • 2021—Hong Kong Civil Rights Defenders
  • 2020—Justice Stephen Breyer
  • 2019—Hon. Delissa Ridgway
  • 2018—Elizabeth Anderson
  • 2017—Ronalth Ochaeta
  • 2016—John Ruggie
  • 2014—William Neukom
  • 2012—Kenneth Thompson, II
  • 2011—Benjamin Ferencz
  • 2010—Ana Montes Calderon
  • 2009—Hans Corell
  • 2007—Ambassador Thomas Graham
  • 2005—Timothy L. Dickinson; Hongxia Liu
  • 2003—Mary Robinson
  • 1998—Talbot D’Alemberte; Homer Moyer, Jr; Mark Ellis