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The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to Section members who have contributed in an extraordinary way to the Section and whose contribution has had a positive and lasting impact on the Section’s mission and goals.

2024 Recipient

Glenn P. Hendrix

Glenn Hendrix is a Partner at Arnall Golden Gregory in Atlanta, GA. Glenn has served the Section with the highest levels of professionalism, intellect, and judgment. He has made a lasting impact on the Section through his leadership, intellectual rigor, mentorship, innovation, and representation of the Section. He has led as Section Chair (2009-10) and provided leadership in each of the many other roles he has accepted in service to the Section. Thoughtful, deliberate, and collegial, he leads humbly and by example. He exemplifies a willingness and talent for building consensus. He has brought his world-class skills as counsellor and advocate to the Section, from his Chairmanship of the International Litigation Committee to his long service as a member of the Section Council, his time as Chair, and continuing today as Senior Counsel to the Chair. His comments are never lightly given and reflect serious consideration and analysis. He has mentored and continues to mentor and support generations of Section leaders – always available and willing to hear an issue, process it, and give advice and counsel.


  • 2023—Steven M. Richman
  • 2022—Lucinda Low
  • 2021—Patrick Del Duca (posthumous); Bruce Horowitz
  • 2020—Jonathan Granoff
  • 2019—Jeffrey Golden
  • 2018—Leanne Pfautz
  • 2017—Deborah Enix-Ross
  • 2016—Robert E. Lutz, II
  • 2015—Carol Mates
  • 2014—Don De Amicis
  • 2013—Charles N. Brower
  • 2011—Michael Byowitz
  • 2010—A. Joshua Markus
  • 2009—Peter Ehrenhaft
  • 2008—Homer Moyer, Jr.
  • 2007—James R. Silkenat
  • 2005—Edison W. Dick
  • 2004—Henry T. King, Jr.