Directory of IOLTA Programs

Visit our Directory of IOLTA Programs in the United States and Canada.

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Status of IOLTA Programs

IOLTA programs are created either by order of a jurisdiction's highest court order or by state statute. There are three types of programs: (1) Mandatory, in which all lawyers in the jurisdiction who maintain client trust accounts must participate. (2) Opt-out, in which all lawyers participate unless they affirmatively choose not to participate. (3) Voluntary, in which lawyers must affirmatively decide to participate.

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IOLTA Clearinghouse

The IOLTA Clearinghouse consists of files organized by state and topic, as well as a computer database of program information. Both are used to respond to technical assistance requests from state IOLTA programs and others interested in civil legal services to the indigent. If you are interested in more information about the IOLTA Clearinghouse contact Ellyn Rosen at or 312-988-5311.