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IP FALL Institute

IP FALL Institute

IP Fall Institute: Virtual CLE Programming & Networking Experience 

September 29 – October 2, 2020

The ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law proudly presents the IP Fall Institute: A Virtual CLE Programming & Networking Experience. The institute will be held virtually from September 29 – October 2, 2020. Unique programming will include U.S. and global experts— judges, USPTO officials, in-house counsel, professors, and private practitioners— coming to you virtually. Learn about the newest developments, emerging issues and best practices in IP law through dynamic virtual CLE programming and interactive networking events.

This virtual IP Fall Institute features 16 CLE programs, spread over four days to fit in your schedules. You can decide whether to attend all programs and networking sessions or select individual programs geared to your practice.

Experience a wide range of educational programming with topics that include:

  • One-on-One Conversations with the USPTO Director
  • Emerging IP Issues for In-House Counsel
  • Virtualization of IP Litigation: Tales from the Bench
  • IP Issues in Commercial Contracts
  • In-House Counsel Perspectives on Managing Your Portfolio
  • Hot Topics in Trademark Law
  • The Brave New World of College Athlete Endorsement Compensation
  • Hot Topics Before the PTAB
  • Don’t Let Your Rights Run Out: A Look at Genericism
  • Hot Topics in Patent Case Review Law
  • Copyrights & Licensing: Artificial Intelligence
  • Antitrust & Patents 
  • Copyright Year in Review 
  • Google v. Oracle and Its Implications 
  • Biometrics & Sports 
  • Distinctiveness in Globally Filed Trademarks 

Virtual sponsorship opportunities for exposure and engagement are available. For more information, contact Carey Farley, Associate Director of Programming at carey.farley@americanbar.org.

Don’t miss this exceptional institute. Register today, and visit the IP Fall Institute web page for detailed information.

June Besek takes helm as new Section Chair

June M. Besek, New York, NY, was sworn in as the new Section Chair during the 2020 ABA Virtual Annual Meeting. She previously served as Chair-Elect and Vice Chair. She served on the Section Council from 2005-2009 and from 2011-2015. She is the liaison to the ALI Restatement of Law/Copyright Project, and a liaison to the World Intellectual Property Organization Standing Committee on Copyrights and Related Rights. She has served as a member of the Content Advisory Board. She is a past Division Chair of the Copyrights Division. She was chair of the Committee on Broadcasting, Sound Recordings and Performing Artists, chair of the Committee on Minorities in the Profession, chair of the Government Relations to Copyrights Committee, chair of the Copyright Office Affairs Committee, chair of the International Copyright Treaties and Laws Committee, and chair of the Long-Range Planning Committee. She also served as chair of the Copyright Law Reform Task Force.

Kim Jessum elected as Chair-Elect; Thad Chaloemtiarana elected as Vice Chair of Section

Kim Jessum, Philadelphia, PA was elected as Chair-Elect of the Section. Previously, Ms. Jessum was Vice Chair of the Section. She served as the Section Financial Officer for four years. She served as Continuing Legal Education Officer and Chair of the Continuing Legal Education Board for three years. She served as the chair of the Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference and chair of the Teleconference Committee for two years each. She was chair of Section’s the former Committee on Copyrights and the Internet. She also served for three years as chair of the former Young Lawyers Committee and was a founder of the Young Lawyer Fellows program. Outside of the Section, she is currently a member of the ABA Standing Committee on Technology and Information Systems, ABA Annual Meeting Program Planning Committee, and Litigation Section Judicial Intern Opportunity Program National Co-chair. She was previously a member of the ABA Standing Committee on Specialization, ABA Standing Committee on Technology and Information Systems, and ABA Standing Committee on Continuing Legal Education and liaison to the Standing Committee on Membership.

Vice Chair: Thad Chaloemtiarana, Chicago, IL. Mr. Chaloemtiarana is a former member of the Section Council. He served as Membership Officer of the Section for two years, and as vice chair of the Membership Board for three years. He also served as vice chair of the Diversity Action Group for three years. He was division chair of the Trademarks and Unfair Competition Division for two years and vice chair of that Division for two years. He has been a member of the CLE Board, the Membership Board and the Revenue Committee. He currently serves as co-chair of the Young Lawyer Fellow Advisory Committee. He has chaired several committees in the Trademarks Division. He is the current liaison to the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association.

Get Involved in the Attorney Wellness Committee

The Attorney Wellness Committee invites all section members to attend an important webinar on Wednesday, September 16, 2020 that affects ALL lawyers. The program is titled, “Help is Not a 4 Letter Word: Combatting Stigma around Well-Being Issues.”

This program will define the stigma, explain the reasons why stigma is so pervasive in the legal profession, and why it is critical to overcome these beliefs and identify effective means to ameliorate stigma and replace its effects with affirming attitudes for recovery. It will focus on several different “life stages” of an attorney (law students, career practitioners, and judges), and how stigma affects each group and identify practical and applicable ways to conquer stigma in the legal community.

All Section members are encouraged to join this committee to lend their voices, support, and participation. For more information or to join this new committee, visit the Attorney Wellness Committee web page.

2021 Mark T. Banner Award nominations open

This award named for the late Section Chair Mart T. Banner honors an individual or group that has made an impact on intellectual property law and/or practice. Candidates will have expressed a clear passion and enthusiasm for, and advanced the practice, profession and/or substance of, IP law through extraordinary contributions to, among other things, teaching, scholarship, innovation, legislation, advocacy, bar or other association activities, or the judiciary.

The award is open to the widest range of individuals, and there is no requirement to be a lawyer or ABA member. Self-nominations are welcome.  

The Mark T. Banner Award will be presented to the honoree(s) in April 2021 during the 2021 ABA-IPL Section Annual Meeting.

Nominations are open now and should be received by October 19, 2020. Visit the Mark T. Banner Award web page on the Section website for details on the award and for the nomination form. For additional information, contact Amy Mandel at amy.mandel@americanbar.org

New Nominating Committee seeks input

The Section’s Nominating Committee, appointed by Section Chair June Besek, welcomes members’ suggestions for candidates for Officer and Council positions. The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating members to serve in the following 2021-2022 ABA year positions: Chair-Elect, Vice Chair, Secretary, Revenue Officer, Financial Officer-Elect, Publications Officer, Membership Officer and CLE Officer (all for one-year terms), Section Delegate to the ABA House of Delegates (for a three-year term expiring in 2024), four new members of Council (all for four-year terms expiring in 2025), and a Young Lawyer Council Member for a one-year term.

The election for these positions will be held at the Section’s Business Meeting in August 2021 during the 2021 ABA Annual Meeting. As specified in the Section’s Bylaws, at the close of the 2021 Annual Meeting, the current Chair-Elect, Kim Jessum, will automatically assume the office of Section Chair and the elected Officers and Council members will commence their terms.

The Nominating Committee invites all members of the Section to submit their candidate suggestions as soon as possible.    

Please direct your suggestions to the Chair or any other member of the Nominating Committee, as set forth below:

Scott F. Partridge, Houston, TX

Mark K. Dickson, San Mateo, CA

Dina Kallay, Washington, DC

Shane Delsman, Milwaukee, WI

Shannon Proctor, Washington, DC

Ethics and Professional Responsibility Committee

The Ethics and Professional Responsibility Committee (EPRC) was tasked with initiating the ABA-IPL Section’s consideration of the USPTO’s July 30, 2020 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. (See 85 Fed. Reg. 45812.) The Proposed Rules affect the USPTO’s Rules of Professional Conduct and the scope of the OED Director’s authority. The EPRC provided extensive comments to the Section leadership with the goal towards identifying which issues the Section wishes to submit comments on. Written comments to the PTO’s Proposed Rulemaking are due by September 28, 2020. The EPRC will continue to assist the Section prepare its comments to the Proposed Rulemaking and will track developments of the rulemaking process.   

Antitrust/Interface Committee monitors developments

DOJ Antitrust Division Business Review Letter to Avanci Affirms Procompetitive Nature of End Device Licensing

On July 28, 2020 The U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division announced the issuance of a positive Business Review Letter to Avanci’s 5G licensing platform program. 

Based on the many procompetitive benefits of Avanci’s program that licenses solely to auto makers, the Letter confirmed that the Division does not intend to bring an enforcement action against it.

Earlier this year, the Antitrust Division filed a statement of interest in the Continental Automotive v. Avanci litigation.

The ABA-IPL Antitrust/Interface Committee has been monitoring  developments, and plans to develop a program on this topic this fall.  

9th Circuit Reverses District Court Decision in FTC v. Qualcomm

On August 11, 2020 a U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit opinion reversed the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) district court victory in its antitrust suit challenging Qualcomm's licensing practices for its standard essential patents.

The case drew significant attention because the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division opposed the FTC by filing an amicus brief supporting appellant and vacatur, Qualcomm. DOJ was also joined by the U.S. Departments of Defense and Energy in seeking a stay of the district court’s injunction.

On September 3, the ABA-IPL Antitrust/Interface Committee co-hosted a program about this significant IP-antitrust development.

To join, or for further information, visit the Antitrust/Interface Committee web page.

In-House IP Committee

The In-house IP Committee had a successful meeting on July 29 during ABA Annual which included both members from the Section of IP Law and the Young Lawyers Division.  During that meeting, Li Guo (of Steptoe & Johnson LLP) and Jonathan Stroud (Chief IP Counsel at Unified Patents) presented an update on the recent opinions handed down from the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The Committee also engaged in mapping its plan for the coming bar year, which includes promoting more of its members who are active in the Section through publishing Member Spotlight pieces, delivering webinars on topics of importance to in-house counsel, and promoting more member engagement opportunities between the YLD and the Section.

To join, or for further information, visit the In-House IP Committee web page.

Upcoming ABA-IPL Action Group Calls 

Amplify your voice through the ABA-IPL Young Lawyers, Law Student, Diversity, International, and Women in IP Action Groups. Add the following reoccurring action group meetings to your calendars: 

  • ABA-IPL Young Lawyers Action Group (YLAG) Meetings – 
    Third Thursday of the Month at 3 PM ET | Add to Calendar
  • ABA-IPL Law Student Action Group (LSAG) Meetings – 
    Fourth Friday of the month at 3 PM ET | Add to Calendar
  • ABA-IPL Diversity Action Group (DAG) Meetings – 
    Second Thursday of the Month at 4 PM ET | Add to Calendar 
  • ABA-IPL International Action Group (IAG) Meetings – 
    Third Tuesday of the Month at 12 PM ET | Add to Calendar  
  • ABA-IPL Women in IP Action Group (WIP) Meetings – Quarterly (prior to ABA and ABA-IPL Conferences)  | Add to Calendar

Join the ABA-IPL Action Groups to get involved. 

Connect with ABA-IPL Ambassadors

Discover how Section leaders received more from ABA-IPL membership on our Ambassador page. The featured testimonies provide insights on how ABA-IPL members strengthened their intellectual property (IP) network and made an impact through ABA-IPL Action Groups and Committees. Each action group and committee has a corresponding community on IPL Connect, where Section members can network and engage in lively discussions. Whether you’re interested in receiving updates on the latest in IP law or getting involved in key IP policy decisions—committee and action group involvement offers opportunities to learn, connect, and/or present.

Learn more about how to maximize your ABA-IPL membership.

2020 ABA Annual Meeting

Last month, the American Bar Association’s (ABA) 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting brought together lawyer members from across the country through virtual platforms. The ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law (ABA-IPL) officers, Council, operations boards, and action groups all held meetings to discuss plans for the coming year. New officers and council members were elected for the 2020-2021 bar year. The ABA-IPL Section council deliberated on a number of policy issues and proposed advocacy. A special virtual reception provided members an interesting way of meeting and mingling.

The Section had two resolutions before the ABA House of Delegates which were all approved and adopted. The resolutions now become policy of the American Bar Association.

108A – Resolved, That the American Bar Association urges Congress to enact legislation authorizing one or more principal officers, who are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, to review decisions of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) determining the patentability of any claim reviewed by the PTAB before such decisions become final decisions of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and that the legislation should also restore Title 5 removal protections for Administrative Patent Judges (APJs) of the PTAB.

108B – RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association supports, in principle, a transparent administrative process or processes to remove trademark registrations from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's Principal or Supplemental Register, provided that:

(a) invalidation of a targeted registration is conditioned on proof that the registered mark was not used in commerce by any of the following relevant dates: (1) the claimed date of first use; (2) the filing date of an amendment to allege use; or (3) date of registration;

(b) the USPTO independently verifies the evidence of such non-use;

(c) there is a clear definition of what qualifies as sufficient evidence to prove such non-use as of the relevant date;

(d) registrants domiciled in the United States are not disadvantaged vis-à-vis registrants domiciled outside the United States, including with regard to the timing of the process(es) and any mechanisms by which registrations are invalidated;

(e) such process(es) before the USPTO should be stayed in the event of an adversarial proceeding before a tribunal with competent jurisdiction in which there is a claim or defense that the registration should be cancelled on the ground of such non-use on or before the relevant date; and

(f) registrants receive the right to appeal adverse determinations by civil action or by appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit, as set forth in 15 U.S.C. § 1071.

Section Council adopts policy positions at ABA Annual Meeting

The Section Council, meeting during the recent 2020 ABA Virtual Annual Meeting, adopted resolutions as Section policy on USPTO funding in response to emergency situations and on the USPTO Telework Enhancement Act Pilot Program. These policy resolutions have not been approved by the ABA House of Delegates or the Board of Governors, and, accordingly, should not be considered as representing the position of the Association. They can be used by the Section in developing resolutions to bring before the ABA House of Delegates or to develop policy statements to Congress or various government agencies over the signature of the Section Chair (with disclaimers that the positions are not ABA policy), after proper blanket authority has been granted by the ABA to do so. Several comment letters were also reviewed and approved, including a letter to Congress on the SHOP SAFE Act, and a joint letter with the International Law Section to China on revisions to China Patent Law.

ABA-IPL webinars are free to Section members

All IPL Section webinars are free to Section members from September 1, 2020 through August 31, 2021. Don’t forget to sign-up and check them out.

ABA-IPL provides compelling CLE-accredited webinars that cover a broad range of IP issues. Mark your calendars for these upcoming webinars. Watch the events page on the Section website for information on all upcoming programs and events, and to register. As a special benefit of your membership in the ABA-IPL Section, you are able to participate in al ABA-IPL Section webinars for free during the current Association year (September 1, 2019 – August 31, 2020).

Help is Not a 4 Letter Word: Combatting Stigma around Well-Being Issues  

Wednesday, September 16 at 2pm ET

This program will define the stigma around substance use and mental health disorders, explain the reasons why stigma is so pervasive in the legal profession, and why it is critical to overcome these beliefs and identify effective means to ameliorate stigma and replace its effects with affirming attitudes for recovery. It will focus on several different "life stages" of an attorney (law students, career practitioners, and judges), and how stigma affects each group and identify practical and applicable ways to conquer stigma in the legal community.

  • David Jaffe, American University Washington College of Law, Washington, DC
  • Raul Ayala, USPTO, Los Angeles, CA
  • Terry L. Harrell, Indiana Judges & Lawyers Assistance Program, Indianapolis, IN


Landslide:  IP Legal Pitfalls of Machine Learning Systems

Tuesday, September. 22 at 1pm ET

Machine learning systems require ingesting massive amounts of data. There are often legal restrictions tied to the ingested data, such as trade secret, copyright, misuse, and/or privacy restrictions. Failure to understand and control for these risks can expose the developer to uncurable legal liability.

  • Steven Carlson, Robins Kaplan LLP, Mountain View, CA
  • Roger Rodamer, Archipelago Analytics, San Carlos, CA
  • Nicola Menaldo, Perkins Coie LLP, Seattle, WA                


Section Advocacy

Joint Comments with the International Law Section to China on Patent Law amendment

On August 13, the Section of Intellectual Property Law joined with the International Law Section, to provide comments to the People’s Republic of China, Legislative Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress, on the Draft Amendments to the Patent Law (Second Reading Draft for Comment). In the letter, the sections noted that most of the proposed revisions improve the current law or are unproblematic. The Sections offered suggestions only on several provisions.

Comments to Congress on the SHOP SAFE Act of 2020

On August 25, the Section sent comments to the Chairs and Ranking Members of the House Judiciary Committee, and its Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet, to express support of the SHOP SAFE Act of 2020. The Section commends the introduction of the SHOP SAFE Act, which addresses the critically important needs of protecting both American consumers who purchase goods from e-commerce platforms, and the trademarks that may be infringed through those sales. The Section agrees that trafficking in counterfeit goods is a widespread and serious problem impacting the health and safety of American consumers, but particularly in online marketplaces, which give third parties a forum to conduct transactions with relative anonymity and low accountability, warranting Congress’s attention. The Section believes that the SHOP SAFE Act will be valuable in filling a void in policing counterfeits to provide greater safety for American consumers and more brand protection.

ABA-IPL Divisions and Committees for 2020-2021

All Section members are encouraged to review the committees and select and join those on which they wish to serve, and which are of interest to them. If you are already a member of one of the existing committees, you are carried over as a member in the new association year.

Patents Division

  • Patent Legislation Committee [join]
  • International Patent Laws Committee [join]
  • USPTO Ex Parte Patent and Policy Practice [join]
  • USPTO Post Grant Patent Practice and Policy Committee [join]
  • Chemical and Life Science Patent Committee [join]
  • Patent Litigation Committee [join]
  • Patent System Planning Committee [join]
  • High Tech and Software Patent Committee [join]

Trademarks Division

  • Trademark Legislation Committee [join]
  • International Trademark Laws Committee [join]
  • USPTO Trademark Practice and Policy Committee [join]
  • Trademark Litigation Committee [join]
  • Trademarks and the Internet Committee [join]

Copyrights Division

  • Copyright Legislation Committee [join]
  • International Copyright Laws Committee [join]
  • Copyright Office Affairs Committee [join]
  • Visual Arts and Dramatic Works Committee [join]
  • Copyright and Social Media Committee [join]
  • Copyright and Emerging Technology Committee [join]
  • Music and Performing Arts Committee [join]
  • Copyright Litigation Committee [join]
  • Literary Works Committee [join]

Specialized IP Law Division

  • Trial and Appellate Procedure Committee [join]
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee [join]
  • Antitrust Interface Committee [join]
  • Trade Secrets and Interferences with Contracts Committee [join]
  • Design Rights Committee [join]
  • Marketing Interface Committee [join]
  • Privacy and Publicity Rights Committee [join]
  • Digital Games and New Media Committee [join]
  • Information Technology Committee [join]
  • Fashion Committee [join]

Professional Issues Division

  • Law Practice Management Committee [join]
  • Pro Bono Committee [join]
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility Committee [join]
  • Attorney Wellness Committee [join]

Business and Trade Division

  • IP Transactions and Licensing Committee [join]
  • International Trade Commission Committee [join]
  • China IP Issues Committee [join]
  • Government IP Rights Committee [join]
  • Intellectual Property Asset Management Committee [join]
  • In-House IP Committee [join]
  • Anti-Counterfeiting and Piracy Committee [join]

Become a Voting Committee Member

Take advantage of an opportunity to participate in developing Section policy and sign up as a voting member of your committee. Voting members will be asked to study the policy issues of the committee and vote on the reports in a timely and responsive manner. Any lawyer member of a committee is welcome to sign up to be a voting member of the committee.

Committee members who choose not to enroll as a voting member can still participate in all other committee activities and receive any committee updates and information.

Details of Committee Voting Membership:

  • Committee members may sign up throughout the entire year. Once a committee begins deliberations on a particular resolution, no new voting members will be allowed to subscribe for the purpose of voting on that particular resolution. The committee chair determines the date on which deliberations have begun.
  • Members may opt out of being a voting member at any time by notifying the Committee Chair. Those opting out of voting membership will still retain their membership in the committee.
  • A valid vote on a committee resolution will consist of a majority of a quorum of the voting committee members. There is no upper limit, nor lower limit to the number of people who may subscribe to be voting members on a particular committee.
  • Only lawyer members of the committee are eligible to be become voting members of the committee.
  • Voting members will receive a communication from the Committee Chair once voting begins, requesting a vote by a date-certain. Voting members not submitting a vote by a requested date for two successive resolution vote calls will revert to regular membership of the committee, and will need to re-subscribe as a voting member.
  • The committee rosters, including the roster of voting committee members will roll over to subsequent years. There is no need to re-subscribe as a voting committee member with each new Association year.
  • Voting members who do not vote two times in a row will be removed from the voting member roster.

Please remember to notify the ABA if your email address changes by logging in to your “myABA” page on the ABA website or calling the ABA Member Service Center at (800) 285-2221.

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When your firm or organization chooses to join the American Bar Association, we provide resources for making membership in the ABA easier.

Over 2,000 firms and organizations have already joined the program to enjoy many benefits:

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For further information and to enroll your firm or company in the full-firm membership program, check out the special enrollment form.

Watch for the digital issue of Landslide® magazine on Wednesday, September 16

Landslide® magazine September/October issue

Landslide® magazine September/October issue

New books from ABA-IPL

Editor: Theodore H Davis Jr

Editor: Theodore H Davis Jr

A Legal Strategist's Guide to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Practice, Fourth Edition

A Legal Strategist's Guide to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Practice, Fourth Edition
A Legal Strategist's Guide to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Practice, Fourth Edition
A Legal Strategist's Guide to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Practice, Fourth Edition
A Legal Strategist's Guide to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Practice, Fourth Edition
A Legal Strategist's Guide to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Practice, Fourth Edition
Editor: Shaun M Van Horn

Editor: Shaun M Van Horn

Summary of Covenants Not to Compete: A Global Perspective

Authors: Hideko Yamamoto, Shinsuke Ohnuki, Steven G. Parmelee

Authors: Hideko Yamamoto, Shinsuke Ohnuki, Steven G. Parmelee

The Essentials of Japanese Patent Prosecution

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June M. Besek
Columbia University School of Law
New York, NY

Kim R. Jessum
Heraeus, Inc.
Yardley, PA

Thad Chaloemtiarana
Chicago, IL

Adriana Luedke
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Bethesda, MD

Robert Lytle
Redmond, WA

Susan E. McGahan
Bedminster, NJ

Stephen E. Gillen
Wood Herron & Evans LLP
Cincinnati, OH

Kevin Greenleaf
Dentons US LLP
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David Postolski
Gearhart Law, LLC
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William L. LaFuze (2021)
McKool Smith
Houston, TX

Lisa A. Dunner (2022)
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