Author Guidelines

Landslide® magazine is published six times a year, in both print and digital formats, by the American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law (ABA-IPL). The flagship publication of the ABA-IPL Section, Landslide provides analysis, news, and commentary about the law of patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, and related subjects, and keeps readers current on ABA-IPL news and events. Landslide magazine is dedicated to the sharing of intellectual property knowledge and experience acquired on the frontlines of practice, business, and the arts and sciences. The magazine explores national and international arenas and tracks intellectual property law as it gathers momentum in response to the technological, economic, and political transformations of the day. Landslide magazine is distributed to over 17,000 ABA-IPL Section members as a benefit of their membership and also issues to approximately 350 law libraries across the country. The magazine reaches a wide audience of highly-specialized professionals and all those interested in the field of intellectual property law. 

Quick Checklist for Authors

  • Focus: In-depth analysis and longer-term trends
  • Length: 2,000–4,000 words, including endnotes (generally 10–20 double-spaced, typewritten pages)
  • Format/Style: A cross between law review and magazine articles
    • Place citations in endnotes (not within your text and not in footnotes)
    • Citations must be complete; strive for good Bluebook style
    • Use simple text formatting: Times New Roman, 12 point, double-spaced
  • Title and Author(s) 
    • Provide a title For each author, provide a byline, and a 2–3 line bio, including an e-mail address
    • Sign, date, and return your Author Agreement to the Managing Editor
  • Warranty: Submission warrants that your article does not infringe on rights of others
  • No Publishing Guarantee: Acceptance does not guarantee publication or placement in a particular issue
  • Submit Your Article: In Word—not as a PDF—via e-mail to:
    • Susan Pan (; Intake Editor
    • Adrienne Fields (; Editor-in-Chief
    • Melissa Vasich (; Managing Editor
  • Questions and Information on Landslide magazine, all ABA-IPL publications, and use of your article:
    • Amy Mandel (; Director, Publications and Communications


Landslide magazine is published every other month. Its mission is to bring readers in-depth analysis and longer-term trends in intellectual property law. 


The length of feature articles may run from about 2,000 to 4,000 words including endnotes. If you think your article will run longer, notify the Editor as soon as possible. 

General Format and Style 

Although Landslide magazine often publishes law review-type articles, Landslide is a magazine and its articles are typically accompanied by illustrations and other images. Moreover, the tone of its articles is often conversational, rather than formal. However, articles may be scholarly in terms of writing style and tone, and, where necessary, they should contain endnotes (not footnotes). Interesting titles, short headings, and subheadings are highly desirable. 

Citations must be placed in endnotes and should not be embedded within the main text. If possible, the number of endnotes should be minimized. Landslide magazine follows the style guidelines of the latest edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation and The Chicago Manual of Style, as well as certain established magazine style, formatting, and design style requirements. Please use only one cite; parallel cites are not necessary. Note that all correct citations must be provided by authors. 


If major changes occur in legislation, regulations, or judicial interpretation prior to publication, you may update a previously submitted article, if time permits, upon consultation with the Managing Editor. 

“Breaking news” types of short sidebars are encouraged. These should be approximately 1–3 paragraphs in length and should summarize the changes and briefly address the ramifications for the topic under discussion in the main article. 

Graphs, Charts, Etc. 

The use of charts, tables, photographs, and illustrations will be included as space permits at the discretion of the magazine. Graphs, charts, and the like can be accepted only if created by the author of the article or if the author has obtained permission to use them. In the latter case, credit must be given to the author(s) of the graph or chart. Practical advice or practice tips are particularly welcome additions when placed in charts. 

When an article contains tables, charts, or similar items, these should be submitted as separate files in their “native format”—i.e., the format in which they were created. Native format files enable the magazine to publish them in a high-resolution format. 


ABA Publishing is careful to use only those images for which it has permission. Permission is always confirmed in writing. If you have images you would like to use in conjunction with your article, notify the Managing Editor and provide permissions and assistance in the researching of licensing options and costs. Note that all images used must be provided to the magazine in a high-resolution format (300 dpi minimum). Use of any images is at the discretion of the magazine and is not guaranteed. 

Submit Your Article 

Please submit your article as a Word file attached to one e-mail addressed to: 

  • Susan Pan (; Intake Editor 
  • Adrienne Fields (; Editor-in-Chief 
  • Melissa Vasich (; Managing Editor 

Acceptance Policy 

No single member of the Editorial Board has the authority to commit to the publication of any article before it has been submitted, even when the article has been specifically solicited by a member of the Board. Authors are notified of the acceptance or rejection of articles. In its discretion, the Editorial Board may withdraw an article previously selected for publication, delay publication of a selected article, or reschedule a selected article. The Editor-in-Chief of the magazine reserves the right to refuse to publish any article. Your submission of an article does not constitute official acceptance for publication. An article may not be accepted for publication for a number of reasons, including, for example, the overlap of content with that of past or future articles. For topics previously covered in Landslide magazine, the Index may be found online at


The magazine reserves the right to edit submissions as necessary for clarity, substance, conciseness, style, and length; for Bluebook and Chicago Manual of Style requirements; and for formatting and design needs. Because deadline pressures make it impossible to submit page proofs for your review, major editorial revisions affecting the substance of an article will be cleared with you before the article is submitted for production. 

More substantive revisions may be requested by the magazine Board or by the Managing Editor. Rounds of review must proceed as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Author Credits 

Authors will receive bylines and a 2–3 line biography. Generally, these short bios will include only the author’s name, place of employment or school, city and state, and practice areas. Authors are encouraged to include their e-mail addresses in their bios but may decline to do so upon notification to the Managing Editor.The authors named should be only those who have actually written the article and should not include research assistants. If the article is the project of a committee or group, the author (if a single author) or person designated as the editorial contact (if multiple authors) should so indicate at the time of submission. Only individuals may be authors; a committee or group may not be an author. 


Each author should disclose any relationship he or she may have with a firm, company, or person producing any product or providing any service referred to in the article and any financial or other interest he or she may have in any product or service discussed in the article. Full disclosure will allow the editors to judge the objectivity of the author, determine whether a real or apparent conflict of interest exists, and determine whether disclosure should be made in publishing the article. 

Warranty and Representation 

By submitting an article to Landslide magazine, the author warrants and represents that he or she has included no material in the article in violation of any rights of any other person or entity, has disclosed to the magazine all relationships with any person or entity producing any product or providing any service referred to in the article, and has disclosed any financial or other interest in any product or service discussed in the article. 

Copyright/Publication Agreement 

When submitting an article to Landslide magazine, the author grants the ABA an irrevocable option to acquire certain property rights in his or her article. Specifically, the author grants the ABA the exclusive right of first publication and other nonexclusive rights in accordance with the standard ABA publication agreement. Authors of accepted articles are required to sign a publication agreement, which includes the author’s warranty that the work is original and does not infringe on the rights of others. Publication agreements will be sent to all authors for each issue upon acceptance of each article. A signed agreement for each author must be received by the ABA prior to publication of the issue. The ABA will not publish an article without first receiving a signed agreement. 

The author retains the copyright in the article, but the ABA and Landslide magazine, on acceptance of the article for publication, shall have: 

a. First publication rights (unless the article is submitted and identified as a reprint); 

b. Subsequent, multiple reprint rights and the right to reproduce and publicly display in any 

ABA publication in any medium; 

c. The right to grant access to the article, its title, and other bibliographic citation material stored electronically in public databases and to distribute printed copies requested through public databases; and 

d. The right to authorize others to reproduce or reprint the article. 

You may post your Landslide article on your personal and/or firm website, but only after the article has appeared in the print and digital versions of Landslide magazine. Please request an ABA-created PDF of your article for posting. Any reproduction of a Landslide article must contain the following language of attribution: 

Published in Landslide® magazine, Volume --, Number --, ©20-- by the American Bar Association. Reproduced with permission. All rights reserved. This information or any portion thereof may not be copied or disseminated in any form or by any means or stored in an electronic database or retrieval system without the express written consent of the American Bar Association. 

Multiple Submissions 

If an article is submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere before acceptance by the magazine, the author must notify the Managing Editor immediately. As a general rule, the magazine does not accept articles that have been published elsewhere. The submission of previously published material is permitted only with the express permission of the Editor-in-Chief. 

Reprints/Complimentary Copies 

Because of the time and costs of production, authors will not be provided reprints of articles. However, authors will be given five complimentary copies of the issue in which their articles appear. Additional copies are available at bulk-rate prices through the ABA Service Center, which may be contacted at 800285-2221. Please provide as much notice as possible to ensure availability. 

Authors also may request PDF files of published articles. Because of licensing and cost concerns, these copies will not contain images that have accompanied articles in the print publications. However, the PDF files will replicate the texts of the articles as they have appeared in Landslide magazine. 

Payment for Articles 

Neither the ABA nor Landslide magazine provides payment for the writing of articles. 

Employer Approval of Articles 

If you are required by the terms of your employment to obtain firm/supervisor approval prior to the publication of an article, please submit the article for approval with sufficient time for review prior to your editorial deadline. 

For questions about Landslide magazine and the ABA-IPL Section: 

Amy Mandel, Director, Publications and Communciations 

ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law